Top 15 Online Learning Programs in South Florida

Top 15 Online Learning Programs in South FloridaOnline learning is increasing at a substantial rate. Within the past 13 years, approximately 5.8 million students have been reported to have taken online courses nationally according to the Online Consortium. That is equivalent to 28% of higher education students taking at least one online course. Approximately 63% of academic leaders recognized how critical it is to students and the institution’s long-term strategies.

How Online Learning Benefits Students

Various industries are evolving with the ever-changing technological advancements by conducting its business all over the world without having to ever leave their office. Online learning not only provides students with a higher-learning education that they might not have otherwise had the time to earn, they also get hands-on training by communicating through software management systems and working remotely.

While person-to-person communication is just as important as it’s ever been, conducting business online is becoming more of the norm; and the more technology continues to evolve, the more businesses will try to keep up. Taking online programs has proven to be most beneficial for students who are going to school for any type of profession—especially if the subject matter is not geared 100% toward technology.

How Online Degree Programs Support Other Careers

The degree programs in South Florida within industries such as healthcare, Criminal Justice, Psychology, etc. all tend to focus on the specific craft of the subject. However technology plays a critical part in the advancement of mastering the subject as well as the overall profession.

Why Choosing a Good Online Degree Program is Better than Ever

The Guide to Online Schools reports that there are approximately 30,492 online college degree programs available at the associate, bachelor, and master’s level. Because the majority of academic leaders approve of online learning, more quality courses are being offered—which in turn, is a good thing for aspiring college students. They now have an increased amount of options to choose from. This is why Florida National University (FNU) is making the search for the perfect online learning program a little easier.

Finding the Right Online Degree Program Based in South Florida

For aspiring college students who are looking for a quality online education based in the South Florida area, FNU has a stellar list of online degree programs. Earn associates, bachelors, and master’s degree.

If you’re not quite sure what kind of online degree program you should enroll in, it’s perfectly acceptable to enroll as a part time student. This will not only get you used to taking college-level courses, it will also help you get used to taking online classes. Learning how to manage your academic workload is critical to a passing grade. Starting off as a part-time student might be the smart way to approach your higher education studies.

What Kind of Online Learning Programs Does FNU Have?

As a regionally accredited institution, FNU is dedicated to providing our students with the best kind of education that will uphold the standards of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) whose core values are based on integrity, continuous quality improvement, accountability, transparency, peer review and above all, student learning.

Here are a list of regionally accredited online degree programs that FNU has available for you:

Top 15 Online Learning Programs in South FloridaTop 15 Online Learning Programs in South Florida

The Advantages of Attending a Regionally Accredited Online University

As a regionally accredited university, all of FNU’s academic programs must adhere to the SACSCOC’s commitment of ensuring the quality of a higher education. All of our degree programs must meet the approval of surrounding accredited higher learning institutions. Students enrolled in an FNU online course can rest easy knowing that they are getting a well-rounded education. Graduates from our university will be well prepared to transition into a rewarding career as a working professional.

Online College Courses Offer Flexibility

Because these are online courses, you have the flexibility to log in and take classes at your convenience whenever and wherever you want. This is an added benefit for students with other personal responsibilities or professionals who are looking to go back to college to earn a higher level of education while still keeping their jobs.

Take Advantage of FNU’s Financial Aid Opportunities

FNU offers students near and far financial aid opportunities so that they can afford to pay for their college education. From federal loans to student scholarships and pell grants, our financial aid department can assist with helping your determine what kind of tuition assistance you can apply for.

FNU: Helping Students Near and Far!

Whether you’re near or far from the South Florida area, all FNU students have access to the same resources as any of our students enrolled in our Hialeah and Miami, Florida campus. Take advantage of our library, bookstore, and academic advising. Even if you’re miles away, our faculty and staff are just one click away from assisting you. As a FNU Conquistador, we take care of all of our students making ourselves available to help provide a positive higher learning experience.

If you have questions about any of the top online degree programs we have, contact an FNU advisor to get the admission process started today!