Top 2 Dental Career Options in South Florida

Top 2 Dental Career Options in South FloridaIf you are looking for a career in a specialized branch of the healthcare industry, you may want to look into dentistry. Employees in the dentistry field study the teeth and gums and treat any type of pathology that affects oral health such as tooth decay and gum disease. With the advancement of modern dentistry, overall employment of dentistry is projected to increase. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistic’s Occupational Outlook Handbook, employment of dental careers is expected to grow 19 percent from 2016 to 2026. This is much faster than the average for all other occupations. The growing demand for dental services is due to the increase in the aging population and research continues to link oral health to a person’s overall health.


Consider Florida National University as the Place to Learn about Dentistry


If you are interested in a dental career in South Florida, you may want to consider one of the following career options of a Dental Assistant or Dental Laboratory Technician. At Florida National University (FNU), we offer certificate and degree programs that cater to each of these career options. Let’s take a closer look at the top dental career options in South Florida.


Dental Assistant


If you are looking to work in dentistry but not interested investing the academic time to becoming a certified dentist, then you should look into becoming a dental assistant. Dental Assistants perform both office and laboratory duties and they provide patient care. Dental Assistants prepare patients for treatment and they also sterilize instruments. In this profession, you can expect to provide efficient dental treatment by assisting dentists throughout procedures such as passing instruments and holding section devices. They also take impressions and fabricate provisional crowns.


Top 2 Dental Career Options in South Florida


If you seek an entry-level position as a dental assistant or a dental auxiliary, FNU’s Dental Assistant Certificate program prepares students to take the Certified Dental Assistant Examination that is administered by the Dental Assisting National Board. Graduates of the program are eligible for immediate employment as dental assistants with radiography skills.

Depending on the practice, dental assistants might sometimes perform the same tasks as a dental hygienist. Cleaning teeth, removing stains, tarter and plaque from teeth are the main duties involved here. They also take X-rays, assess patient’s oral health and report the findings to the dentists. Dental assistants will also be equipped to provide preventive dental care by applying sealants and fluoride to a patient’s teeth that help protect from gingivitis.

Dental Laboratory Technician


Top 2 Dental Career Options in South FloridaDental laboratory technicians create dental prosthetics—replacements used for natural teeth. They specialize in creating molds of patients’ teeth by using traditional or digital impressions to build crowns, dentures, bridges, and other kinds of dental application. Professionals in this position must also determine the types of materials and tools that will be needed when forming, bending, and shaping material or fabric. Dental laboratory technicians will also polish and develop appliances and devices using hand power tools.


These technicians will typically work in small laboratories with other technicians, but they are also known to work in larger laboratories as well as dental offices that have in-house dental laboratories. To become a dental laboratory technician, only a high school diploma is required. However, most students continue their education and enroll in a dental technician program. FNU’s Career Education Diploma in Dental Laboratory Technician makes graduates of the program more competitive candidates in the workforce.


Top 2 Dental Career Options in South Florida

FNU: Providing You with the Academic Knowledge to Claim Your Future


FNU’s dental programs teach students the theoretical, ethical, and clinical skills needed to thrive in the dental industry. Florida National University is a regionally accredited higher learning institution that awards certificate, associates, bachelor, and master’s degrees. Some of the credits you earn in our associate’s program can be transferred to any of our bachelors and masters degree programs. Most of our courses can be taken online to provide you with greater flexibility in scheduling your time. FNU also offers up our financial aid department to assist you with opportunities to pay for your college education.

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