10 Holiday Tips for Students Away from Home

10 Holiday Tips for Students Away from HomeThe holidays are a special season filled with food, family, friends, and fun, but what do students do when they cannot head back home for the holidays? Follow Florida National University’s (FNU) tips if you find yourself far from home this season.

Begin with Coping & Realization

First of all, students should realize that they are not the only student who is spending a holiday alone. In fact, there are several students who are not traveling home for a various number of reasons.

According to Daily Finance, “sometimes it isn’t worth the financial sacrifice to make it home. If you just can’t justify the costs of traveling home this holiday season, you’re not alone—although it might feel like you are” (Joanna). As it turns out, this phenomenon is more common than one might think. Finances alone are not the only culprits, though. There are a number of factors that impede students’ abilities to go home during winter holidays besides finances, including final exams, short break periods, and jobs on or near campus, along with other obligations.

However, knowing that others are facing the same difficulty does not necessarily alleviate the pain many students feel when they realize they must leave their home behind this holiday. Want to know how to handle the holidays alone? Follow these tips:

1. Learn to Cook

Learning to cook will not only sustain students throughout a long semester, but throughout life. Proper nutrition is key to a healthy life. Not to mention, cooking can be a fun hobby and great hosting skill.

2. Host a “Friendsmas” Party

Once you know how to cook, it’s time to host a holiday friend bash! Chances are there are plenty of students who are stuck in or around school during the holidays, too. Get together, play games, exchange a few gifts, and become a big, happy family!

3. Utilize Video Chatting Services

Students who miss their family, friends, and home will highly benefit from a Skype call every now and then. Nothing will make students feel closer to their family and friends than a video chat! Students will be excited to hear their family, and also see them!

4. Keep Yourself Busy

Rather than sitting around sulking, take the opportunity to learn a new skill, work, study, and build meaningful relationships. It is hard to be alone for the holidays, especially with a lot of free time. Keeping oneself busy can help keep one’s mind off the loneliness, and participating in genuinely enjoyable activities is the best thing to do.

5. Get a Part Time Job

Those who are not already employed should begin the job search. During the busy holiday season, retail stores are on the lookout for seasonal workers—and this can be a win-win situation for students who do not plan to work during the school year. As soon as the season is over, so are the obligations! Earn money, make new friends, and even gain surprisingly valuable experience simply by applying for an open position.

6. Freelance

While freelance work and building a business might not be the most enticing holiday hobby, it is a great way to earn money, and it is a great resume-building opportunity. Students who study in certain programs, such as our Computer Developer Program, can use their skills all throughout school to build up a network of contacts and clients. What better way to use one’s spare time than to work toward a better future?

7. Reach Toward Your Goals

Often, students use holiday breaks for rest and relaxation. While this is an important factor in every person’s life, students can also use their breaks to work toward a goal they had in mind. Whether a student has always wanted to learn to swim, or they just want to organize their closet, using down time to work toward one’s goals is a great way to feel accomplished by the end of the break.

8. Get Moving

Surprisingly enough, getting exercise benefits not only the body, but also the brain. Exercise can reduce stress and enhance one’s mood, therefore promoting a positive attitude. Rather than staying inside, sulking, get out and about—students will feel better inside and out!

9. Go to the Beach

Believe it or not, Miami stays around a mild 70 degrees—even during winter! This gives FNU students the opportunity to head to the beach in the event that they are staying in the area during break. Get out, enjoy the weather, and get a daily dose of Vitamin D; studies show that it can elevate a person’s mood and outlook!

10. Make the Best of It

All in all, the best idea is to make the best of the situation. The holidays are a time for reflection, relaxation, and loving one another. Whether near or far from family and friends, it is important to remember that—and today’s technology makes that possible, even 1,000 miles away.

FNU: Your Home Away from Home

Although we would like to see all of our students enjoy the holidays with family and friends, we know that this is not always possible. Students, know that you are always part of the family at FNU!

Students who are considering a degree should review our programs of study. Apply to FNU today! Don’t worry, you can always study online, no matter where you are—you’ll never miss another holiday party or family reunion.