4 Tips for International Students Attending College in South Florida

A sign made of driftwood on a beach that reads: please leave nothing but your footprintsAccording to the Hindawi Publishing Corporation research article, International Student’s Challenge and Adjustment to College, there was a 5% increase of international students who came into the United States (US) for the purpose of enrolling in a higher learning institution in 2011. That estimates to approximately 723,277 people, and since then that number has continued to increase.

Choosing Where to Study in the US

International students have the freedom to apply to any United States (US) college and universities as there are plenty of options—at least over 4,000. And even though America is known as the “Melting Pot” of different cultures and ethnicities, most cultures tend to migrate in certain regions. Whether it’s for academic, economic, or cultural reasons, the choice is ultimately up to you. Nonetheless, America is a diverse country where anyone of any cultural background and ethnicity can live anywhere they want.

Why South Florida is So Attractive for Some International Students

Many international students from South America tend to gravitate to the South Florida area because there is a strong fusion of Latin and Caribbean culture. Also, Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the South Florida area with the first being English. So, many international students find Miami and the surrounding areas in this region to be more attractive in regards to transitioning over to an American lifestyle.

Transitioning to American Studies as a Foreign Student

However, for some South Floridian international students, transitioning to an American lifestyle takes an adjustment. Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university in the South Florida area, enrolls quite a few international students. As a result, we have learned from observation and feedback about how international students can easily adjust to their new life in the US.

  1. Communicating More

Even though Spanish is South Florida’s second-most preferred language, there are still some communication barriers. While many students will be able to speak and comprehend basic English, there’s the unspoken body language, metaphors, syntax, etc. Even in America, depending on one’s own background and cultural experiences, communication might be relayed and interpreted differently.

FNU offers English as a Second Language classes and creates campus activities to help students communicate and socialize more.

  1. Getting Social

The best time and place to socialize with other people from different walks of life is while in college. Even for domestic students, going away to college has proven to be a great way to broaden their horizons and expose themselves to various cultural backgrounds. It’s also a great way to see the world differently without having to travel too far.

But this is quite the exception for international students because not only have they traveled abroad, they’re immersing themselves in a melting pot of diversity. So simply by getting involved with campus activities, an international student is going to be more susceptible to making new friends, thus “melting” into the pot of American diversity!

  1. FOOD!

Another way of getting comfortable with the American lifestyle as a student is by sampling different types of food. Nothing brings a culture together like food. No matter what the differences are, whether it’s social, spiritual, or political, it can be said that food is a great catalyst to bring people together.

South Florida serves as one of the best places for a culinary explosion of various cultures offering their authentic cuisine for the tasting. South Florida has a fusion of Latin, Caribbean, Italian, and Middle Eastern restaurants on almost every corner. With America being the melting pot of cultures, you’re sure to expect a wide selection of foods to eat. You might even meet a new friend!

  1. Learning How to Write Better Term Papers

In America there are certain format requirements that you must adhere to when writing a term paper. FNU realizes that most international students may not have been taught the MLA or APA format, or how to cite references. That’s OK! We have an English as a Second Language writing center, and for those students who are adamant about mastering the English language, they can take any one of our English as a Second Language classes. We have the basic level, intermediate level, and high intermediate level. For more information about FNU’s ESL classes, visit our official webpage here.

  1. Quickly adjusting to a Degree Program’s Curriculum

This challenge is somewhat similar to the writing assignment challenge as things are just done differently in an American higher learning institute. Even the curriculum will be different.

FNU: Helping You Get Acquainted!

Studying abroad is exciting, but it also has its challenges. However, it’s nothing that you can’t handle. If you’re thinking about studying abroad in South Florida, consider FNU. We are fully prepared to help you adjust, making you feel like our campus is your home away from home.

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