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The By Laws are an outline of the description and functioning of the Student Government Association of Florida National University. The Student Government Association is a non-profit organization.

The SGA Officers represent FNU student body. After taking position, the officers take control of their position in accord with the rules, regulations, duties and/or responsibilities of the SGA of the university.

The students have a representation in different institutional committees.

Through the responsible exercise of the right to vote the students at FNU elect their officers/representatives. Only students have the right to vote.

FNU-SGA Officers report to The Director of Student Services and or his/her designee.

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The Goals of the Student Government Association

  1. To officially represent the student body.
  2. To freely represent the student body in presence of the university authorities.
  3. To contribute in the creation of an environment conducive to learning. This environment will develop the life long learning skills in the students.
  4. To recommend student’s representation in institutional committees to participate on behalf of the student body.
  5. To compromise or distribute the SGA funds were the signature of the President, Treasure and or The Director of Student Services are required.
  6. To develop and create cultural, social, and academic activities that will benefit the students and help the institution maintain and enrich student’s goals and objective in compliance with Institutional Statement of Purpose.

The objective of the Student Government Association is:

  1. Provide the students with avenues of learning by integrating cultural, social and academic opportunities involving the surrounding community, always emphasizing the student’s safety.
  2. Prepare a complete financial report of all funds assigned or fund-raised by the SGA.
  3. Summit a detail report of all operation of the SGA.

Meet your Current FNU – SGA Officers:

Students interested in running for office should visit the Office of Student Services for details.


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