Is An Online College Degree Worth It?

Graduation cap image on a keyboard keyCan’t advance in your career? Looking to improve your life through completing a college education? Don’t have the time to take a full course load or go to a traditional campus-based university?

Finding the Right Solution

Often these questions can be daunting if you don’t have the right solution. And many potential students give up when they realize that the alternatives to getting a college degree ARE often not enough to get further ahead in life.

Taking Top Tier Courses on Your Own Time

More and more, the concept of obtaining an excellent education through an online university is becoming the norm. With so many of you out there needing to attend to routines that take up most of your time, opting for a schooling system that allows you to take top tier courses according to your own schedule is the perfect answer.

The Value of Florida National University

FNU is regionally accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges to award Associates, Bachelors, and Masters level degrees, as well as certificate and diploma programs. We are also in a position to help you find a job once you graduate.

Improving Your Future with an Online Degree

Earning a degree from an accredited institution like Florida National University will improve your future as you hone your abilities through a program that corresponds with your chosen field. If you have a job, you can earn your income without sacrifice while learning in your spare time on campus or through our convenient online courses. If you are a mother who wishes to improve her employment value, but must still attend to a family, you can take courses in your free time and at your own pace. Military wives who move around a lot and thus cannot enroll at a traditional college also have the advantage of online learning. Working professionals who wish to expand their knowledge also find that online courses fit the bill, and of course anyone who is experiencing a layoff can use the time in between to advance in his or her career or choose a new one by enrolling in an university with flexible schedules and online courses.

Acknowledging the Legitimacy of an Accredited Institution

Nowadays, businesses are acknowledging the legitimacy of degrees earned from accredited universities that conduct their coursework online. When you choose a trusted and respected institution whose accreditation has been handed out by respected regional or national organizations, potential employers are happy to consider your qualifications as a full-fledged university graduate.

Climbing the Ladder to Success

Online college degrees are actually the way of the future as more and more companies employ graduates who are ready to climb the ladder to success. Florida National University is proud of the success that our graduates achieve and offers job placement services that provide students and alumni with the resources and guidance necessary to find a career in their chosen field of study.

Saving Money, Saving Time

Obtaining an online college degree is generally much more cost effective than traditional settings. The fact that there are no travel costs is a big factor, and of course you avoid traffic and save time through being able to work at home.

Learning and Graduating in a Feasible Time SpanIs An Online College Degree Worth It?

With online programs that help you learn in feasible periods of time, we help you graduate within an acceptable time span. Our three-semester system is broken down into two eight-week terms where you take two courses per term, which makes for a very easily handled course load. Throughout your education you will be video conferencing and interacting with professors who are active in their field, as well as other students with whom you can be as interactive as you like through message boards, discussion groups, and chats. Through our extremely well planned and organized online education, you will receive the best possible training in a stimulating and caring environment.

Acknowledging the Reality of Today’s Needs

Receiving a two or four year degree is altogether possible and viable with online learning. Even traditional colleges are acknowledging the reality of today’s needs, with many mainstream universities offering their own online college degree programs. This is why Florida National University also provides students the opportunity to earn an MBA online.

The most essential consideration when choosing the right college for your degree is to make sure that it is accredited. There are many institutions out there that claim to give you a great education at an amazing price, but if you don’t investigate where their accreditation is coming from, you may be wasting your time and money. By carefully researching a university, you will be able to determine if it will satisfy your academic goals. While researching your options, make sure that the university’s credits are transferable. Employers can picky about where you have obtained your degree, and with the constantly rising competition for jobs in a tight marketplace, this is an essential ingredient for success.

Our Mission to Help You Succeed

At Florida National University we are rooting for your success. We have an exceedingly wide range of subjects that can help you discover or advance your career, and we make it easy for you to enroll by offering financial aid if you qualify. With over thirty years experience helping students become well-rounded graduates, we want you to achieve success with a degree that can be earned in your own time.

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