Pursuing an Educational Certificate Program in Miami

Stacked college books with diploma and graduation cap on topEver noticed how much harder it’s become to get a job? These days, where education can be easily obtained 100% online. The number of job-seekers has increased, making employers particularly more selective when choosing who they want to hire. With a wider selection of candidates to choose from and more people going back to school to learn new skills, it’s important to stand out!

It can be reasoned that some people who have lost their jobs or simply couldn’t find employment pursue a higher degree in hopes of getting a better job that pays more. As a result, many employers these days expect some sort of advanced degree in addition to the high school diploma listed on an applicant’s resume.

The fact of the matter is for some people, if not most, in order to pursue a rewarding career, one may have to financially invest in his or her education. True, there are examples of some who have been able to excel without any additional education, but it’s rare. In order to increase one’s chances of becoming a better job candidate and out-shining the competition, it is recommended to obtain some level of higher learning—at the very least, a certificate.

What Exactly Can One Do with a Certificate?

Getting a certificate will help an applicant’s resume stand out from the rest! A certificate says to an employer that this particular applicant is motivated enough to take the initiative to learn new things to make him/her a better employee.

There are many certificate programs offered in almost every college and university. The field of study varies depending on the school. However, most will have a general administrative certificate of some kind. Some universities get more specific and often create a program based on their existing associates, bachelors, and/or master degrees, making it easier for students to transfer their credits toward these programs should they choose to pursue a higher program level.

Florida National University (FNU) offers diverse certificate programs that help students transition into an entry-level position in the workforce. Here is a list of the certificate programs offered at FNU:

Clinical Echocardiography

This program takes a little longer to complete due to the technical skillset that must be acquired. The Clinical Echocardiography program is crafted to teach students to produce two-dimensional ultrasonic recordings, Doppler flow analyses of the heart, and related structures using ultrasound equipment to assist physicians in studying the function and diagnosis of the heart. For a better understanding of the credit requirements for this program, read here.

Dental Assistant

The Dental Assistant program at FNU prepares students to take the Certified Dental Assistant Examination that is given by the Dental Assisting National Board. Should students pass this examination, they are then eligible to work as an official dental assistant. A total of 18 credit hours is needed for completion.

English as a Second Language

This certificate program is ideal for international students whose first language is not English. There are 3 certificate levels: basic, intermediate, and high intermediate. These programs teach students the basic language skills of reading, writing, and comprehension. A total of 18 credit hours is needed for completion of each level.

Patient Care Technician

The Patient Care Technician program is also in the health care field, it is more focused on teaching students how to properly assist the physician in caring for the actual patient. This program teaches the fundamentals of patient care and basic nursing skills along with imparting the knowledge and skills required for home health care. Students also get training in basic electrocardiogram
(EKG) that tests the activity of one’s heart and venipuncture (blood sampling therapy). A total of 20 credit hours are required to complete this program along with 120 hours of clinical practice.

FNU: Helping You Excel Toward Your Career

Here at FNU, we are dedicated to helping those who want to help themselves work towards a rewarding career. We understand that not everyone has the time or resources to invest in lengthy academic programs. That is why we have constructed a block of excellent certificate programs that can help students seamlessly transition into the workforce in a reduced amount of time, and if they so choose, enter one of FNU associates, bachelors, or masters programs if it applies.

If you are ready to get to the next level in your education, call FNU today! We are an accredited university located in Miami, Florida with three campuses, two in Hialeah. Located in the most populated city in sunny South Florida, our location is ideal for get-a-way weekend vacations and a perfect place to apply for employment as inquires for job openings are vast. So don’t delay. Start the application process now. Depending on which program you want to pursue, you can get your certificate in less than a year!