Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?

Looking for a Quality Online Bachelor’s Degree in South Florida?While you can certainly apply for an online bachelor’s degree from anywhere in the country, there’s something to be said about having the convenience of enrolling in a regionally accredited institution that has a brick and mortar in-classroom option as well. So it’s not uncommon to live in the South Florida area and apply to online universities nearby.

There are several reasons why one might be looking to pursue an online degree. You might be able to relate to a few of them.

  • Having the flexibility to take classes whenever you want.

This is a huge plus! Living in the South Florida area requires some patiencebecause with Miami being part of the South Florida region and being one of the most highly populated cities in the state, that’s going to come with some obstacles. While a highly populated city could mean more opportunities, it’s also going to take more time to take advantage of those opportunities! To put it simply, a big city means that there are more people trying to get from place to another, and you’ll be expected to navigate through it! This will have a bigger impact on your commute, costing you more time and depending on where you live, more money for tolls!

If you’re living in the South Florida area, taking online college courses will eliminate all of that. All you need is a laptop. You can manage your own classroom time and have class on your living room couch, on your balcony, at your favorite café, or out in the park and maybe even the beach! Online courses go with you! You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy all of what sunny South Florida has to offer without spending time sitting in traffic trying to make it to class.

Another flexible benefit a South Florida resident might have is managing the amount of time to dedicate to a session. While traditional brick and mortar classroom sessions can last approximately 2 hours depending on the course, as an online student, you set the amount of time that you can afford to dedicate for each session. Perhaps, you may have the entire day to dedicate to your college studies. Other times, all you may have is either 30 minutes to an hour. Whatever it is, it’s OK because you have the freedom to set your own academic schedule.

  • Allows you to take more classes.

Because of the type of flexibility online classes offer, you could use this opportunity to squeeze in some more credits for the semester. But we don’t want you to confuse flexibility with ease. All of the courses, including online classes offered at Florida National University (FNU) have met the accreditation approval of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. What that means for FNU students is that they are guaranteed to get a quality education because each course within our bachelor degree programs has been thoroughly reviewed by a board that is made up of reviewers from other accredited universities in the surrounding area. So while you’ll gain the flexibility that an online class offers, the weight of the coursework will be just as heavy as the one in our brick and mortar institution. So, it’s highly advised that you consult your FNU advisor about how much coursework you should take each semester.

  • Avoid the traditional classroom experience.

There are some people who are not comfortable being in highly populated places—college classrooms included. FNU’s online degree programs are great for people who prefer to work independently.

If you’re living in the South Florida area and seriously considering pursuing a college education, yet still undecided about what kind of online bachelors program to enroll in, consider these…

  • Legal Studies

More attorneys are opening their own private practices in the South Florida area. To cut down on costs, many attorneys are choosing to hire legal assistants instead of taking on another partner. Depending on what kind of attorney you work for, a legal assistant could have basic administrative duties or take on more legal work such as filing court orders, drafting up legal documents, meeting with clients, and more.

According to the Florida Bar, there are approximately 72,160 Bar members who are in good standing and eligible to practice law in the state of Florida. Last reported, there were over 100,000 members, but some of them may practice out of state. Since the South Florida region is highly populated, it could stand to reason that there is plenty of room and opportunity for legal assistants. The Bachelor of Arts in Legal Studies offered at FNU equips students with the knowledge and skillset needed to become a professional legal assistant. This program’s curriculum is also composed of all the relevant subjects that will prepare you to apply to law school.

  • Criminal Justice

If you prefer to have a career that’s more involved, then consider educating yourself in the field of Criminal Justice. With FNU’s Criminal Justice degree program, you be engaged with understanding the investigation procedures behind the crime. Students will have to familiarize themselves with the front end of the law like Criminology, Police Administration, Correctional Operations, White Collar Crime, Terrorism and Juvenile Delinquency. You’ll also get a better understanding about the ethics of constitutional law.

  • Natural Sciences

The Bachelor of Science in Natural Science is for students who are interested in becoming a doctor or getting into the pharmaceutical industry or dentistry. If you’re not quite sure which of these industries that you want to pursue, but definitely know that you’ll need some type of degree that will prepare you for a masters in the healthcare industry other than nursing, then you will get what you need with this online bachelor’s degree. Electives in this program focus on the biological aspect of the human body. Courses like Biotechnology, Immunology, Molecular and Cell Biology will prepare you to apply to master’s level degree programs. If you plan to teach, there’s also a concentration in Education.

The Legal Studies, Criminal Justice and Natural Science bachelor’s degree program offers you a quality education and can be completed 100% online. Contact an FNU advisor today to discuss financial aid opportunities and start your online classes right away!