Sailor Earns His Degree While Serving His Country

I’ve been in the U.S. Navy for 14 years stationed in San Diego, and I am a distance learning student with Florida National University (FNU). I have been taking courses online since early 2011; and I recently earned an Associates of Art degree in Criminal Justice (CJ). Currently, I’m working on my Bachelor of Science in CJ.

I’d like to express what a positive and beneficial pleasure it’s been to know that Professor Liz Barcena and FNU’s Military Liaison Vilma Rosario (a fellow Navy Chief) are at FNU. They’ve been nothing short of phenomenal when it has come to helping me reach my educational goals.

I never have to worry because I know I will receive a quick and accurate answer while taking into consideration my military lifestyle. I’ve had many difficulties with deployments and constant traveling, but FNU’s online courses allow me to complete my educational requirements. I can’t express how dedicated and helpful Professor Barcena and Ms. Vilma Rosario have been; they truly make it easy and worthwhile.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity to express my experiences with you.

— M. N., Chief Petty Officer, U.S. Navy