Top University in Florida for International Students

Top University in Florida for International Students | FNUThe International Student website has stated Florida is the top location for students to come and earn a college education. In fact, Florida is ranked #6 for having the most international students in the country. The 2010 Open Door report supported this by reporting there are approximately 30,000 international students who are studying in the state of Florida. As the 4th most populated state in the United States, international students continue to be drawn to the state of Florida because of its diversified demographics. This, in turn, produces a healthy economy that’s strong in international trade, business economics, not to mention tourism, and of course with its year-round tropical weather, agriculture. It takes well-organized businesses to keep the economy afloat—and it takes a well-organized and educated professional to keep such businesses running properly.

Education in South Florida

In the southern part of Florida, Miami is usually one of the prime locations for international students. US News ranked Miami, Florida as one of the best places to live. In addition to being highly lucrative in the tourism and international trade with a major international port, Miami also thrives in industries such as construction, finance, architecture, design and real estate. The healthcare industry is another area where Florida’s economy thrives.

US News further reports that while the average salary in the United States is $48,320, Miami’s average is $45,110.

Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university in the South Florida region with two campuses in Miami and Hialeah has a stellar curriculum of well-rounded degree programs that can launch your career in any of the following industries:

  • Healthcare and Social Assistance – Florida is the state that many people come to for vacationing or just to retire. For the retirees, an increased demand for healthcare is needed and is projected to grow approximately 20% by the year 2026 according to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to this, pursuing a career in the healthcare industry might be a wise choice. To learn more about what kind of job you can get in the healthcare sector, read, “Health Careers You Can Start a Degree with in Miami” here.
  • Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services – Technology is one of the driving forces of our economy and is responsible for the advancement of many of its internal processes, as unique as they may be. It’s easy to think first of the technology that we see in our workplaces with user-friendly desktops, mobile devices, and software that we use on a daily basis, but there’s so much science and technology that goes into the logistics of backend operations that keep our economy going. For instance, in the agriculture sector in Florida, all of the oranges, grapefruits, tangerines, sugarcane, etc. need to be processed to ship out into the country. Such a process will take a skilled professional who is proficient in management and networking systems.
  • Wholesale Trade Agents and Brokers – Buying low and selling high is the name of the game when it comes to succeeding in business. In the South Florida area, you’ll find many companies that specialize in selling their products in bulk because they are usually able to import them at a discount price that renders them with a generous return in profits provided that they can sell the product quick enough. To be successful in the wholesale trading business, you will need to have a keen understanding of the market you’re trying to sell in. Earning a college education in the area you plan to launch your professional career in is key.

Because interpersonal communication is crucial to working in any of these professional industries, many universities in the state of Florida offer degree programs that expand into the liberal arts. These types of degree programs will provide international students the opportunity to take language and humanities courses which will improve their communication skills.

More about FNU Degree Programs

Top University in Florida for International Students | FNU

A few FNU degree programs are taught bilingually—in Spanish and English, an added benefit that many of our Latin American students appreciate. We also offer three levels of English as a Second Language certificate programs.

FNU Provides Financial Aid Opportunities for International Students

FNU understands that international students aren’t eligible for federal aid. This is why our university offers scholarship opportunities that international students can apply for. Our Scholarship for International students is tailor-made for overseas students who are looking for financial aid to pay for their college education. To qualify, students must have completed a proficient level of our English as a Second Language program. Learn more about this scholarship here. To discover what other kinds of scholarships you might be able to apply for, visit our financial aid page here.

Play a College Sport!

FNU also has an athletic department where you can play sports at a college level. You can also take some online courses to balance out your career as a college student athlete. Try out for our basketball, soccer, volleyball, and baseball team. Learn more about the FNU Athletic Department here.

FNU: Taking Care of Our Students Near and Far

Wherever you live in the world, Florida National University is the place where you want to earn your college degree. Let any two of our Florida campuses be your home away from home and take advantage of all the academic resources our institution has to offer. Contact an FNU advisor today to get the application process started. You might be able to start taking classes right away!