Conquistador Branding FNU Conquistador Mascot Brand Manual

Brand attributes
The Conquistador represents valor, integrity, respect, leadership, responsibility, service and strength, and we personify these characteristics in everything we do, on and off the field.

Our logo design, colors and usage characterize specific aspects of our Florida National University’s culture. Conquistador logos feature the sword, shield and helmet.

The Conquistador should be just as recognizable in print as they are on the field, so we always use the same font and typography guidelines in all messaging. This way there is consistency in everything we do in the athletics department.

Brand name
We want people to know who we are, and not get confused with acronyms or nicknames. This is why we make sure we spell out our full name in everything we wear.

Select pre-approved vendors have been provided with Florida National University Conquistador brand guidelines to ensure that merchandise and apparel is of the highest quality.