Where Can I Earn a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing 100% Online?


Many aspiring students who are interested in pursing a degree in Nursing may not think that they can earn their entire bachelor’s degree completely online. At Florida National University (FNU), it is possible.

FNU is a regionally accredited university approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC) to award associate, bachelor, and master’s degree. The Nursing division alone has a total of four licenses—two for the Associate of Science in Nursing (ADN), and the other two for the Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN)—both for our Miami and Hialeah campus.

Can You Take Classes Online?Where Can I Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing 100% Online?

The ADN is not offered online. However, for some online students, this might be irrelevant if they’re choosing to complete the bachelor’s degree 100% online. We believe that online learning is necessary information because life can change, and as a traditional college student, it’s possible that academic priorities may too. Online courses might be the solution to helping you realize your academic dream of acquiring a bachelor’s degree.

Accredited Nursing Programs

Also, knowing that our university is regionally accredited for both our ADN and BSN programs assures potential students that they are getting a quality education online. It also helps to know that we are a brick and mortar educational institution where you can come visit and tour our campus. Many online Nursing students have found it reassuring that they have a college home like this. Many online Nursing programs may not have a brick and mortar institution in terms of providing a traditional classroom.

Things to Consider When Pursuing a BSN

FNU would like for you to take a couple things into consideration when selecting the college you are going to earn your Nursing degree in:

  • For Licensed Students Only

The BSN Nursing degree program offered at FNU is designed for students who have already earned their Registered Nursing license. If you don’t have your RN license, then our advisors can help you enroll an our ADN program that will prepare you to take the exam.

  • Competition

While the job outlook for Nurses is high, so is the amount of Nursing degree programs as well as the number of students enrolled in each one throughout the country. It’s important to remember that your fellow online classmates will soon turn into your fellow competition! Keep in mind that they have undergone the same education as you. They will also have the same university name on their resume. Aside from your name, it’s possible that your resume will look exactly like your competitors.

In addition to your fellow classmates, you also need to understand that you’ll be competing against other new graduates across the country. Thanks to online job-seeking platforms, selecting a job candidate is only one click away for employers. This could possibly mean that many employers are just looking for key information like education, experience, and even location.

  • Location

Even though location really doesn’t matter much when you’re earning an online Nursing degree, it might when you start searching for jobs. If you want to increase your chances of landing a Nursing job, then it’s best to find a university in a highly populated area that’s also in a region where the growing demand for Nurses is higher than the average rate.

The more people there are in a region, the higher demand for healthcare. FNU is located in the South Florida area—a place where the Baby Booming population comes to retire. This is where aspiring Nurses should be in order to increase their chances of starting a career in the healthcare industry. With two campuses in Miami and Hialeah, you can complete your clinical hours in a location where the healthcare industry is indeed thriving.

Even if you aren’t located near any of our campuses, don’t let that discourage you from enrolling in our BSN program. If you live in another state, we can arrange it so that you can complete your clinical hours at a nearby healthcare facility. Our faculty will guide you through this process when the time comes.

  • School PrideWhere Can I Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing 100% Online?

You want to be able to take pride in the university that you’ve earned your Nursing degree in, because you’ll forever be associated with that alma mater. The FNU faculty is dedicated to doing what we can to help you succeed inside and outside of the classroom whether it’s online, at our brick and mortar location, or at a healthcare facility completing your clinical hours.

We take pride in our students and alums; and we want you to feel the same way about the university you earn your Nursing degree from. In addition to our regional accreditation by the SACSCOC as well as the licenses from the Florida Board of Nursing, all of our Nursing programs are also accredited by the Commission for Education in Nursing.

  • What Employers are Looking For

Employers in the healthcare industry are fairly familiar with the more credible educational institutions awarding Nursing degrees. As a result, they tend to look at applicants who have graduated from such universities first. Reputation goes a long way, so when you’re searching for the right kind of Nursing degree program to enroll in, put Florida National University at the top of your list.

  • To learn more about Florida National University Associate of Science in Nursing program, visit the official webpage here.
  • To learn more about Florida National University Bachelor of Science in Nursing program, visit the official webpage here.
  • FNU also offers a master’s degree in Nursing as well as an RN to MSN program that you can learn more about.

How Will You Pay for College?

Where Can I Earn a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing 100% Online?There are many financial aid opportunities for Nursing students. FNU students can apply to the FNU Alumni Scholarship, the FNU Alumni Family Scholarship; there’s also the Diaz-Balart Scholarship, one for high school seniors, a government scholarship and more. To learn more about FNU’s financial aid opportunities, visit our official FNU Scholarship Opportunities page here.

Do you have more questions? Contact an FNU advisor today to discuss what you need to do to start classes now.