Graduation Requirements (A Minimum of 72 Credits)

The purpose of the Associate of Science in Nursing program at Florida National University is to provide quality nursing education to a culturally, socially, and ethnically diverse community. The program achieves this mission by preparing the graduates for employment at entry-level registered nursing positions. The program further achieves this mission by ensuring mastery of affective, cognitive, and psychomotor skills so that its graduates can become successful licensed registered nurses who are able to provide holistic, safe, culturally sensitive care to a wide variety of clients throughout the lifespan. FNU awards an Associate of Science Degree upon graduation.

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Nursing students are required to wear white nursing scrubs/uniforms and white shoes at all times.
Students must furnish their own uniforms. Uniform tops with FNU logo can only be purchased at the FNU Bookstore.


A prospective student must meet all admission requirements predetermined by Florida National University. In addition,
the requirements for admission to the ASN Program are as follow:
1. Students must attend one of the general orientations scheduled.
2. Students must take a Diagnostic Test (students with proof of transferable credits of College Algebra (MAC 1105)
and English Composition (ENC1101) from an accredited institution may be exempt). Students must also pass the
KAPLAN exam with at least an 80% as a combined score in all four sections of the exam to qualify for the ADN
Program (can only be taken twice). Registration for the exam is completed directly with the school.
3. Complete the program’s application which includes an essay, two reference letters (from academic and
professional sources), and have a satisfactory interview with the Nursing Program Director and staff.
4. Obtain a “background check” report from a local police station.
5. Students will be categorized in to one of two groups:
1. Admission to the ADN program: Requiring all/some general courses.
– Option to transfer credits from another accredited institution only if the student has a 3.0 GPA average
in all pre-req. courses and a letter grade of no less than a ‘B’ in all transferable science courses. An
official transcript is needed and must be mailed directly to FNU.
2. Admission to the ADN program: Completing all general courses.
– Option to transfer credits from another accredited institution only if the student has a 3.0 GPA average
in all pre-req. courses and a letter grade of no less than a ‘B’ in all transferable science courses. An
official transcript is needed and must be mailed directly to FNU.
6. Students must meet and maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (B) on a 4.0 grading scale on all science
7. Upon completion of the steps above, students will be accepted based on the individual’s scores on the Admission
Rating Scale Report which includes KAPLAN test scores, GPA, and interview results.

Scholastic Standards of the
Associate of Science in Nursing Program

1. The ADN program is an intensive, FULL-TIME program, requiring approximately 1,462.50 clock hours per year Classes including both lecture as well as labs may be held any day from Monday to Friday from 8:00 AM to 11:00 PM. Clinical hours may be scheduled any time during the week/weekend from 7:00 AM to 11:00 PM. In addition, the students will need to dedicate at least 2 – 3 hours per each class hour to study the learned material.
2. Students are required to meet the following standards in every course:
a. Successfully meet all course student learning outcomes.
b. Complete all program core courses with at least a C (80%) or better.
c. Complete all clinical skills and evaluations satisfactorily.
d. Complete all required clinical and theory hours.
e. Meet attendance standards of the program.
f. All core courses are administered in a sequence, if a student fails a course, he/she must repeat it in order to proceed with the program.
g. Students that repeat more than one course or that do not meet the required attendance hours in both clinical and lecture will be expelled from the program.
h. Students will be eligible to receive only one “incomplete” in the nursing courses throughout the duration of the program. Students that receive more than one incomplete grade on more than one course at a time or throughout the duration of the program will be expelled from the program.
i. Students must pass the exit comprehensive exam in order to graduate.
j. Students must successfully meet the Program Learning Outcomes in order to graduate.

End-of-Program Student Learning Outcomes (ADN)

  1. Provide safe, quality, holistic, patient-centered care for culturally diverse patient populations, including the family unit (Patient Centered Care).
  2. Participates within interdisciplinary teams where collaborative decision –making promotes critical thinking and continuous improvement in quality patient care (Teamwork and Collaboration).
  3. Utilize current technology to effectively manage and deliver safe, quality care within various healthcare settings (Informatics).
  4. Implement the applicable standards of care to prioritize patient needs and minimize risk of harm to patients and healthcare providers. (Safety)
  5. Integrate best current evidence-based research with nursing process to deliver optimal healthcare. (Evidenced-Based)
  6. Discuss the nursing code of ethics and standards recognized as essential to the art and science of nursing. (Quality Improvement)
Student Achievement Data (Training Center)

2021 NCLEX Pass Rate 100%

2020 NCLEX Pass Rate 80%

2019: No Grads

2020 Program Completion Rate: 58.82%
2021 Program Completion Rate: 26%


The associate in science nursing program at Florida National university, at the Training Center, located in Hialeah, Florida is accredited by the:

Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN), 3390 Peachtree Road NE, Suite 1400 Atlanta, GA 30326. (404) 975-5000

The most recent accreditation decision made by the ACEN Board of Commissioners for the associate in science nursing program is Initial Accreditation.

View the public information disclosed by the ACEN regarding this program at