How to Pursue a Business Administration Degree in Miami


If you’re looking to find the right college to earn a business administration degree in the city of Miami, the solution is simple: find a good university.

Finding the right university to attend can make all the difference in what kind of education you’ll walk away with. It will impact your job search and your overall performance as a professional. Making sure that you’re attending a university that receives the respect and notoriety of surrounding accredited educational institutions can only improve your job-seeking situation after graduation.

What Florida National University Can Do for You

Florida National University (FNU) is a regionally accredited university that’s approved by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges. We award associate, bachelor, and master’s degrees to students who complete the necessary requirements of our academic programs.

FNU is an educational institution that provides the type of teaching and learning environment that provokes students to be better intellectual free thinkers who will encompass the disciplined practices of a professional business leader at their jobs and in their community. We wholeheartedly believe that our university provides students with the tools to become some of the best professionals for companies not just in the Miami area, but globally. Through these programs, students will strengthen their skillset with some administrative and management courses.

About FNU’s Business Administration Program

  • Associate of Arts in Business Administration

Our Associate of Arts in Business Administration program is designed to appeal to students who would prefer a more liberal approach, academically.

With a minimum of 60 credit hours, this degree program offers key introductory courses that are related to business management and administration. Under the Associate of Arts program, the coursework that students are required to complete has a little more flexibility when it comes to studying general education requirements. The curriculum is less strict in terms of core requirements too.

In this degree program, first-level fundamentals of business administration are taught. Students can expect to learn the principles of accounting as well as business law, microeconomics, ethics and social responsibility, and of course, business management along with the basics of marketing.

  • Associate of Science in Business Administration

If you’re interested in getting more in-depth with your education in terms of business management, but don’t want to enroll in a bachelor’s program, then our Associate of Science in Business Administration is going to be the more attractive choice. This degree program offers the same courses as the arts program, except there are less general core requirements. This is because this curriculum gives you more room to take more accounting and business-related electives.

Expect to take second level accounting courses and go in-depth with applying those principles to managerial accounting. Build upon your basic marketing skills with an Introduction to International Marketing course. Supplement these classes by learning the communication principles that’s related to good salesmanship.

We highly recommend all students take an Income Tax Accounting course, as this is something every adult will have to deal with on an annual basis!

  • Bachelor of Science in Business Administration

If both of these degree programs appeal to you, then you might just want to consider enrolling in our Bachelor of Science in Business Administration program. With graduation requirements of 120 credit hours, students in this program will get the best of the arts and science degrees, but will also have the opportunity to choose a concentration in the following subjects:

  • Finance
  • Accounting
  • Sports Management
  • General Management
  • Marketing

These concentrations require between 18-20 credit hours.

The core requirements are split into lower and upper-level courses where a minimum of 52 credits must be completed.

  • Master in Business Administration

Our MBA program is designed to take your academic education to the next level. In this one-year program, you’ll be able to reinforce your skills in the areas of communication, and identifying and solving problems through quantitative analyses. This degree program gives you the option to master the concentration you chose in your undergraduate degree or diversify your college transcript in the following areas:

  • General Management
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Health Services Administration
  • Public Management & Leadership

Looking at the Numbers

Pursuing a business administration degree is going to be one of the top preferred academic programs among students. The United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics projects an 8% growth in business administration jobs. This is due to the advancement of the Information Technology industry and more emphasis on environmental improvement.

Still Undecided?

Whether you’re undecided or very sure of the academic direction you want to take, our business administration degree programs are applicable to a variety of job industries. The associate’s degree takes approximately two years to complete on a full-time basis. After graduation, if you’re interested in earning a bachelor’s or master’s degree, the credits you earned in our associate’s program will transfer over.

If you’re completely undecided about which business administration program to enroll in, read our article, “Deciding What Business Program is Right for You.”

Test Your Knowledge!

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How Did You Do on The Quiz?

If you passed your quiz, great! Congratulations! Take a look at our degree programs to decide which one is the right fit for you.

If you didn’t do so well, be encouraged. Don’t give up! The degree programs at FNU are designed to teach students how to become great business administration professionals. We’re confident that you’ll be able to pass the quiz with flying colors after graduating from any of our business administration degree programs.

Take Online Courses

Another way to pursue a business administration degree at FNU is to enroll in our online programs. Both of our associates, bachelors—including our MBA programs are offered online giving you the flexibility to take classes whenever you have the time. This is an ideal solution for working professionals and people who have a busy schedule.

FNU’s online option is a smart alternative to earning a quality education while juggling other responsibilities in life. Here at FNU, we understand that not everyone is able to go to college right out of high school. We also realize that many people come to the United States to earn a quality education in hopes of pursuing a professional career here.

With two campus locations in Miami and Hialeah, Florida National University provides the tools for students from every walk of life to succeed inside and outside of the classroom. We also have a financial aid department to assist you with applying for federal loans, grants, and scholarships.

Contact an FNU advisor today to discuss your enrollment options.