Setting Education Goals and Resolutions for 2013

“Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” These famous words from William Butler Yeats are particularly compelling at the turn of a New Year and new academic semester. This time of new beginnings and resolutions is a great time to begin making resolutions and planning one’s educational paths. There is a great opportunity to secure a financial future and light the “fire” that an exciting career can provide.



In the current job market few degrees offer the security and fulfillment that a Nursing degree can. The average salary of a Registered Nurse, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, rests at $64,690. This, coupled with the projection of an increase of 711,900 positions, means nursing graduates have great job opportunities that pay well and are in demand. Florida National University is the ideal school to facilitate this path – with programs that are both on campus or internet-based, fitting the needs of any student.

Nursing careers offer the opportunity to direct one’s path to a specific area of focus. This allows for variety and diversity in career path and options, as well as allowing nurses to excel in their area of interest. The impact of a nurse’s work cannot be overstated. The opportunity to provide care and assistance to people at some of their most difficult moments makes the efforts of a nurse personally fulfilling.


Criminal Justice

A degree in Criminal Justice is the gateway to a number of exciting professions. Some of the careers include: Fraud Investigation, Law Enforcement, Security, and Paralegal. These and more can be found in the public or private sector. The United States Air Force was listed by with job opportunities for Criminal Justice majors from $44,500 to $89,500 a year, showing a great starting pay with considerable opportunities for advancement. The opportunities are not limited to government jobs, with private security management reporting an average of $58,272. This field is filled with many more opportunities offering competitive wages. With Florida National University’s reputed online program, a Criminal Justice degree is convenient and practical.


MBA Program

The goal of an MBA is one that is beset with questions. Will the significant investment of time and money pay off? Is it possible to find the time once one is already in their career? The answer to these questions is a definitive yes. A research in 2001, by Davies and Cline, found that the investment of $162,000 on an MBA could return a total of $1.4 million in increased earnings – amounting to double the average salary of one with a BA degree during the prime earning years. This financial incentive makes the MBA a coveted achievement. At Florida National University the MBA is more attainable for more people due to the online program. This online flexibility is important for the MBA student, with so many of the students already in their careers or having other strict time commitments.


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