Top Online Programs in South Florida

Top Online Programs in South Florida

When it comes to finding the top online learning courses in the state of Florida, you really only need to find the top university that offers quality online degree programs. Florida National University (FNU) offers regionally accredited online degree programs providing you with the flexibility to earn a college education on a schedule that is more convenient for you. This is especially beneficial for students who have other responsibilities such as working a job or taking care of a loved one. Online education is a great option to juggle, work, family, and continuing your higher education.

A great percentage of FNU Online students are multi-tasking their college career by supplementing it with another job. That is why we have composed a curriculum of online courses to help aspiring college students realize their dreams of getting a college degree. FNU offers online associate, bachelor, and master degree programs; all of them allow you to finish your degree 100% online.

Here is the full list of online degree programs available for FNU students:

Masters Degrees Bachelor’s Degrees Associates Degrees
Science Arts Science Arts
Business Administration Accounting Legal Studies Accounting Accounting
Health Service Administration Business Administration Business Administration Business Administration


Nursing Criminal Justice Computer Developer Criminal Justice
Health Services Administration Computer Information Technology Education
Natural Sciences Networking Systems Administrator Health Services Administration
Nursing Public Administration
Psychology Paralegal Studies
Respiratory Therapy



What Online College Students Need to Know

When you are unable to attend a traditional college course by selecting an online program you are not compromising your higher education experience, you are actually enhancing your opportunities. Not only are you able to juggle in between life, work, and education, you can also apply what you are actively learning in the classroom to the workforce allowing you to directly translate those skills to the real world.

Furthermore, just because you are studying online it does not mean you are limiting your contact with classmates and professors. Professors are constantly available to answer your questions through email, phone calls, and other interactive online media. Moreover, at FNU, you have the opportunity of participating virtually in a live classroom through our interactive online platform. Thus giving you a complete learning experience.

Additionally, flexibility is pinnacle when talking about studying online. You can study anytime, anywhere. Form the comfort of your home, office, or even a coffee shop. As long as you have a computer and internet access you can be a click away from enjoying a productive educational experience. With that said, time management is important. Having adequate time management skills is important to assure a successful learning experience. FNU has academic advisors available to help improve your time management skills, and other study habits as well.

Blackboard: FNU’s Distance Learning Software System

FNU uses Blackboard, an online platform that is designed to bring students and faculty together. Through Blackboard, students are able to access their assignments, communicate with fellow classmates, and, have direct access to their professor. The platform allows for students to enjoy constant interaction and participate in virtual classrooms, where students can exchange ideas, ask questions, work on documents together with their professors and fellow students online. When you study online programs you are not alone, you are just on click away from learning.

What Else Do You Need to Know About Online Learning?

The Online Learning Department at FNU goes above and beyond in providing you with the necessary resources to help you succeed. Our team will assist you from day one until after your graduation. You will be part of the FNU family.

The curriculum in your online degree program is the exact same as the ones taught in our brick and mortar campus. Your learning experience will be enhanced as you are able to attend classes in your own schedule.

As an online FNU student, you’ll have access to the same resources as the rest of our students who are taking course in class. No matter how near or far you are, you will still have access to the FNU staff and faculty that are there to assure you an optimal learning experience and you become a professional in your degree of choice.

Who Should You Contact?

To receive full support and guidance please contact the Online Admissions Advisors 305-821-3333, or click on the following link to request information:

Type of Student Resources Available to FNU Students

In addition to the Blackboard Support and academic advising, FNU students have full access to the following resources:

  • Library – Much of your academic assignments will require you to spend quite a bit of time in the campus library. We stock all of the academic publications you’ll need to compose a well-thought out term paper!
  • Writing Lab – If you need assistance sharpening your writing skills, FNU has a writing lab to help you organize all of the information you’ve gathered to write a term paper that is clear, concise, and comprehensible.
  • Textbook Information – Find out which textbooks you need for certain classes. FNU will provide you the title, author and publisher’s name, the ISBN number as well as the price so that you can budget accordingly.
  • University Calendar – Whether you are earning your college degree 100% online or splitting the academic load of taking courses online and on campus, you’ll always have access to FNU’s university calendar so that you’ll be up to speed with our academic schedule and campus events.
  • Job Placement Services – FNU cares about all of our students no matter where they are! As a Conquistador, our university is dedicated to seeing you achieve the career of your dreams. We want to help prepare you to present yourself as one of the top candidates for any job that you apply for. FNU’s Job Placement Services is designed to do just that.
  • Financial Aid Assistance – FNU’s financial department has a long list of scholarship opportunities that are awarded on an annual basis. To learn about these opportunities as well as possibly qualifying for federal loans, talk to a representative from this department.

For more information about online learning, You can start your degree soon.

Giancarlo Lignarolo
Director of Online Admissions