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If you have the desire to work in the healthcare industry in the South Florida area, but fear the responsibility of paying back a large amount of student loans, there is a way you can pursue the profession of your dreams and pay a fraction of the cost. Working as a Dental Lab Technician will offer you a rewarding career and takes almost half the time to learn. 

Understanding the Role of a Dental Lab Technician 

There are different types of professions in the dental industry. There’s the Orthodontist, Dentist, Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, and Dental Lab Technician. Aside from the Orthodontist and the Dentist, the last three occupation’s duties can be interchangeable. This is all based on the type of dentist facility you work for. If the dental practice you’re aspiring to work for is connected with a larger healthcare corporation, then you can expect to have a role that’s focused on one thing. However, if you end up working for a smaller dentistry or private practice, the role of a Dental Assistant, Dental Hygienist, and Dental Lab Technician may be rolled up into to one, or perhaps it’s just two of the three roles. It all depends. 

We only mention this because once you receive your dental certificate or diploma and start job-hunting, the aforementioned job titles are some of the terms you might want to look for instead of focusing on “Dental Lab Technician”. 

The Demand for Dentistry 

Just like most if not all healthcare jobs, the demand for this kind of profession is stable. The fact of the matter is people can try to ignore certain health issues in the way of preventive and maintenance care, but a toothache cannot and will not be ignored! People pay good money to alleviate a toothache and as a result, will pay to prevent it from happening again. Adults have 32 teeth, and it usually takes just having trouble with one or two to get people to understand the importance of taking care of them. Once they do, you can guarantee that they’ll be a loyal patient—only if he or she is treated properly. The Dental Laboratory Technician plays an important role in determining whether the patient will have a pleasant experience or not. 

What Does a Dental Laboratory Technician Do?

The Dental Laboratory Technician is responsible for creating crowns, bridges, dentures, and other dental material to help make a patient’s smile look bright and healthy. While the dentists and the dental assistants may spend more time with patients, it’s going to be the end result of what the patient walks away with that will determine whether or not he or she feels that a professional job was done. 

Again, depending on the facility, Dental Lab Technicians can be involved in almost every phase of producing teeth replacements or just one part, and a lot of that has to do with how large or small the practice is. Either way, it’s important for an aspiring dental technician to be knowledgeable in almost every area of this practice. The only way to ensure this is to find the best Dental Lab Tech college available to you. 

Where to Find a Good Dental Lab Tech School 

Searching the Internet is certainly a start, but it’s important to go a little deeper than that. Learning about the school, knowing what other kind of educational opportunities they provide along with determining if they are regionally accredited will help you make the best choice for your aspiring career as Dental Lab Technician. 

Another huge plus about this profession is that you can take these skills anywhere. Other lab tech jobs might require additional accolades depending on the state where you live. But the skills of Dental Lab Technician is considered a trade—something that generally remains the same no matter where you work whether it’s a large or small practice. 

Florida National University (FNU) has two campus locations in the South Florida area, one in Miami and the other in Hialeah. We are a regionally accredited university equipped with a training and online learning center, as well as state of the art equipment. We offer three different kinds of Dental Lab Technician programs. 

3 Career Education Diploma Dental Laboratory Programs 

Here we offer the general Dental Laboratory Technician diploma. We also offer students to the option to specialize in a certain area within that profession. 

  1. Dental Laboratory Technician 

To earn this diploma, you’ll need to complete 60 credit hours of courses. Each of these courses are extensive as they explain dental anatomy, understanding dentures, porcelain as it refers to teeth, along with crowns and bridges in concordance to how it all relates to one another, and what it takes to create them.

Students will need to understand the construction of working cast and dies along with glazing, staining and characterization techniques along with other intricate information that help a Dental Laboratory Technician replicate a unique set of teeth. You can expect to complete this rigorous dental program in approximately 22 months. Learn more about this educational program here. 

If you want to specialize in a certain area of this profession, you can choose to study either the Full and Partial Dentures, or the Crown and Bridge Porcelain. These last two certificates take less than half the time it would to complete the general Dental Laboratory Technician diploma and as a result, costs less. 

  1. Dental Laboratory Technician – Full and Partial Dentures 

For this diploma, you can expect to complete this program in 8 months. Get more information about this diploma here. 

  1. Dental Laboratory Technician – Crown and Bridge and Porcelain 

Like the Full and Partial Dentures diploma, this program requires 30 credit hours to complete and will also take approximately 8 months finish. Learn more about this program here. 

FNU: Your Choice for Quality Training 

Start your degree in the field of dentistry today! Contact an FNU advisor at any of our campus locations and we will assist you with the enrollment process as well as provide you with financial aid assistance.







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