Public Notice of CCNE Accreditation and Call For Third-Party Comments


Florida National University is seeking reaccreditation for the Master of Science in Nursing by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Accreditation (CCNE).

The CCNE site visitors will be on campus from February 8 to 10, 2023. In the interest of continuous quality improvement and as required by CCNE, we appreciate the written input of all interested parties.

In accordance with the standards and guidelines of the CCNE, programs seeking reaccreditation are required to evaluate their program according to several core standards. One of the requirements for accreditation specifies that the program notify their community constituents of the opportunity to submit “written third-party comments” to the CCNE. These written and signed third-party comments will be accepted by CCNE up to 21 days (January 16, 2023) prior to the scheduled visit.

CCNE will only accept signed comments. CCNE shares third-party comments with members of the evaluation team prior to the visit, but at no time during the review process are these comments shared with the program. During its review, the evaluation team will consider all third-party comments that relate to the accreditation standards.

If you would like to submit a third-party comment for a program currently under review, please submit to

Or, if you prefer, mail comments to:
Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education
Attn: Third-Party Comments
655 K Street, NW, Suite 750
Washington, DC 20001