6 Benefits of Becoming an Accountant

Hand checking receipt with calculator next to it Pursuing a career as an accountant might be one of the best ways of investing in your education. All too often, graduates have celebrated their milestone of completing their associates, bachelors, masters, and even Ph.Ds. without knowing whether or not the degree that they’ve worked so hard for will render a return on their investment.

The reality with pursing a post-secondary degree is that there are no guarantees that anyone will land a dream job that offers financial security. However, it has been proven time and time again that these chances can be increased with a college degree. What better way to do that than with an Accounting Degree from Florida National University (FNU)?

Obtaining a degree in accounting has its advantages. Here are six of them:

  1. Accountants Have a Better Understanding of Finances

After years of studying the art of money, accountants have gained the type of knowledge most people would pay for. Earning an accounting degree at FNU offers students a wide array of knowledge within its field. In addition to accounting, the FNU curriculum also provides information in areas like micro and macroeconomics, business and tax law, corporate finance, spreadsheet analysis, banking and finance, entrepreneurial, management, and supervisory skills. All of these skills are applicable to any job profession. Any employer would greatly benefit from an employee who possesses any of these skill sets. Having these talents can also be applied toward life skills in general.

  1. The Demand for Accountants

As aforementioned, there are no guarantees that anyone will land a job once they have earned their degree, but it is worth noting that the demand for accountants ranks high. Accounting is all about managing money! It is the driving force of our economy. Every business needs an accountant to handle its finances. So it is safe to assume that there ought to be a significant demand for accountants.

Everyone needs accounting. The demand is always constant, spanning across all industries and sectors creating job security along with career longevity. However, it is up to the graduate to find these job opportunities.

  1. Opportunity for Advancement

With the right kind of networking connections, an entry-level accountant can increase his/her salary within a year’s time. The field of accounting is wide, but precise. With a baseline of accounting skills and continued education, one has the option of obtaining a job as a Budget Analyst, Auditor, Controller, Tax Accountant, Payroll Clerk, CPA, and even a CFO. Additionally, coupling accounting skills with any other type of skill set will create an attractive resume.

Having general knowledge of accounting principles provides a good foundation toward advancing into higher positions. For positions like Cost Accounting and Financial Planning & Analysis, it is important to know how the numbers in the report got created. Because, these days, it is no longer acceptable to just present a pretty PowerPoint presentation with colorful number and charts.

The finance sector is under pressure to become more strategic. Companies expect their accounting and finance department to analyze, explain, and take action.

To know the actions that can be taken upon the results delivered, develop a plan to implement those actions, and change the future outcome, requires the skillset of an accountant.

  1. The Pay Range for Accountants is Often Generous

Because of the nature of the profession, accountants typically begin their careers at a generous salary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the median salary for accountants in 2014 was $65,940 or $31.70 an hour. The lowest was $40,850 while the highest was allotted at approximately $115,950. These numbers vary depending on one’s regional location, whether the company is privately owned, public, or operated by the government. It is also likely that the higher paid salaries are offered in bigger metropolitan areas.

  1. The Ability to Start Your Own Business

It is not uncommon for some professionals to become entrepreneurs. This is sometimes done after years of on-the-job experience when an accountant has developed a sufficient amount of contacts. One may feel more comfortable after years of networking to use the contacts that they’ve developed to start their own business. Whether it’s consulting or specializing in taxes, the options are endless when it comes to financial affairs.

Forbes announced an accountant as one of the best jobs in 2013. This is most likely because it’s the type of profession that can stand on its own. Even as a self-employed accountant, one has the potential to earn a great deal of income just because of the demand of money management.

  1. Have a Better Understanding of Tax Laws

A good education that is worth its salt will see to it that their accounting program will include a course on tax law. Because of the personal, legal, and business repercussions of breaking or neglecting any tax law, a professional who calls themselves an accountant must acquire some type of knowledge when it comes to taxes. Paying taxes are a requirement enforced by law for citizens to follow. Not knowing them does not relinquish a person from these responsibilities either.  So getting an education that teaches these laws is most beneficial.

Enroll as an FNU Accounting Program Today

Earning a degree in accounting puts you at a strategic advantage for any opportunities that may accelerate your position in this field. FNU’s accounting program does not prepare you to sit for the CPA exam. However, it does prepare you to know the general accounting principles. It also helps place you as a serious job applicant or valuable employee, for accounting skills are the foundation, the nuts and bolts to the infrastructure that is commerce.

FNU is dedicated to promoting students’ success. We offer our students a vast array of educational programs in different subjects that can be completed in a short period of time. It’s time to invest in higher learning by getting the best education in accounting! Learn how to make it happen and apply to FNU now!

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