8 Benefits of Being an FNU Alumni

Graduate throwing graduation capFlorida National University (FNU) takes pride in contributing education to an array of multi-ethnic cultures. An FNU Alumni can take pride in knowing that they are a part of a distinguished fraternity of educated graduates that extends its knowledge beyond the campus and into the community, thus creating a harmonious circle of encouragement, enlightenment, and teaching.

Our campuses are located in the heart of South Florida. FNU’s first campus was established in Hialeah. As a result, the students enrolled are predominantly of Hispanic cultures because we are a Hispanic serving institution. Because of our location, FNU student have the opportunity to study in a climate that has beautiful weather all year. They also happen to be in one of the largest metropolitan cities in South Florida. This places them in a strategic position that may increase their chances of getting a job.

Additionally, FNU Alumnus will have more opportunities available to them.

Graduates from FNU programs claim eight benefits from becoming an FNU alumnus:

  1. Acquiring a Degree from an Accredited University

With so many colleges and online universities on the rise, hiring companies have no other choice than to implement these schools into the ranks. Accredited universities are highly regarded as the top schools students are interested in and their benefits far outweigh schools that lack accreditation.

Accredited schools go through an inspection process to insure that their programs offer students a quality education according to the high standards that are placed on them by the accreditation agencies.

As a result, employers often consider applicants who have graduated from accredited schools having confidence that they have acquired the knowledge and skills to perform their job.

  1. Earning a Degree Offers Better Job Opportunities

FNU is dedicated to placing graduates in a career that best complements one’s degree. In addition to advising students and offering and resources to the new graduate for the right job, the FNU Job Placement team has established strong partnerships with the businesses in the community. From private to public sectors, companies, and hospitals, FNU’s primary focus is to place their alumni in jobs that will fulfill their professional career goals.

  1. Inspire Undergraduates

FNU Alumni have achieved the ultimate goal of acquiring an associate’s, bachelors or master’s degree. Having achieved such an accomplishment inspires aspiring FNU students as well as those who are in enrolled in certificate programs to push toward their goal to earn a higher degree.

Additionally, FNU Alumni have the opportunity to make a positive impact not only in their workplace but also in their community, inspiring others toward betterment in themselves and within their community.

  1. An Opportunity to Participate in FNU events

FNU hosts several campus events and community services, on and off campus. Following the correct contacts, FNU Alumni may have the opportunity to participate and maybe even help spearhead some of these affairs that will ultimately help build a strong resume for future career opportunities.

  1. Job Placement in Florida

The state of Florida has been known as the most traveled to state for vacations. Florida National University has three campuses conveniently located in beautiful South Florida. In conjunction with the job placement program that extends into its community, alumni have the opportunity to find a job in beautiful, sunny Florida that is in close proximity to the Caribbean, major attractions, and theme parks.

  1. Working at FNU

FNU is committed to Equal Employment Opportunity and chooses its employers based on the most qualified applicant, taking no account for race, gender, age, religion, disability, sexual orientation, national origin, citizenship or veteran status, or any other characteristics prohibited by state or local law. FNU encourages alumni to apply for roles in the university.

  1. FNU Alumni Scholarship

FNU also encourages their graduates to continue investing in their education even after they have achieved their degree. That is why the FNU Alumni Scholarship was developed for Alumni who wish to continue their journey of academic fulfillment. All FNU Alumni are eligible to receive the FNU Alumni Scholarship toward certain FNU programs. The scholarship covers 20% of the tuition cost.

  1. Eligibility to Win Prestigious Awards

All of FNU’s academic programs foster the knowledge for students to become freethinking alumni with outstanding leadership skills and services that will make a positive impact on students, their community, and even FNU faculty and administrators. Becoming an upstanding presence in the community is often recognized by businesses and organizations that usually present awards for such services.

FNU: Further Benefitting You

Educating the community in which the university resides reflects the mission statement of providing educational and cultural programs that are intended to enrich the community it serves. It is not guaranteed that every FNU Alumni will be recognized for a prestigious award, given a scholarship or even work in the state of Florida. One aspect is certain: attaining an FNU degree guarantees that you will be a more enlightened individual than before enrolling. Are you ready to become better equipped to manage your next profession? Do you have career goals in mind? Apply to FNU today and get started on the pathway to success.