Statement of Purpose of the Office of Student Services:

The Office of Student Services strives to contribute to the cultural, social, professional, and intellectual development of the student. The Office of Student Services coordinates the various services offered to the students, as well as aids in the development and carrying out of the student projects and organizations.

Campus Life at FNU:

Florida National University is a commuter college. Its population is for the most part hard working and busy; yet this should not be reason to deprive student life of many amenities such as clubs, field trips, a cohesive Student Government Association, and Alumni Association. Participation in these activities can contribute towards the cultural and social enhancement of student life.

Student Services:

This website was designed to facilitate communication between the Office of Student Services and the student body at Florida National University. Utilizing a dynamic internet platform allows the Office of Student Services to post relevant information quickly and easily while allowing the students the opportunity to respond through reader comments. We look forward to your active participation.