What You Can Do with an Associate’s in Education

Apple on top of booksThe career of teaching requires a special type of person. These individuals work hard; they are committed to their craft; they are dedicated to bettering the skills and understanding — and therefore, lives — of their students on a daily and yearly basis.

Considering a career in the field often leaves prospective students with many unanswered questions: what are the career possibilities for individuals hoping to make their mark? What can one do with an associate’s in education?

Well, Florida National University (FNU) is here to set the record straight! Enrolling in FNU’s Education Online Associate’s program is a valuable start toward one’s career. Find out why:

Why an Associate’s Degree?

Most commonly, teachers are required to obtain a bachelor’s or master’s degree before acquiring their own classroom. After reaching this accomplishment, they must complete a certain number of internship or student teaching hours, as well as complete a certification process—and yes, all of this must be done prior to teaching in their own classroom.

If this list seems daunting, it might be useful to begin one’s education with an associate’s program. This can help break up the work, and might even lead to an entry-level career in the field! Indeed, there is an option for those who do not have the availability, time, or funds to meet all of the requirements needed to become a certified teacher. Individuals often consider an associate’s in education due to the following opportunities:

Supplement Your Current Career

Teachers who have been in the field for a number of years might want to supplement their current practices and understanding with an in-depth look at newer, more modern methods. Because technology is evolving at such an alarming rate, the classroom is changing. From technological advances in the classroom to seemingly shortened student attention spans, an associate’s degree is a quick solution to help refresh a teacher’s mind with the latest trends and practices in education.

Teachers can either opt to enroll in the associate’s program or to take a quick continuing education and professional development program, designed as a refresher.

Build Understanding Before Continuing Education Elsewhere

Often, an associate’s degree is the first step toward a more advanced degree. Students who wish to enter the profession of teaching can start with an associate’s degree in the subject. This program will help lay the foundation to more advanced topics and practices, while instilling knowledge that can help students eventually become licensed. This program is designed to offer students the ability to continue their education. Please remember: four-year institutions might require the student to pass all the components of the CLAST in order to be admitted to their upper-level courses.

Begin an Entry-Level Career

As the costs of tuition across the country continue to rise, achieving a four-year degree has become increasingly difficult and expensive. If finances are a factor, an associate’s might be the right choice.

Believe it or not, there are careers one can enter after earning an associate’s in education. While students who graduate with an associate’s in education are not authorized to teach in their own classroom at the elementary, middle, or high school level, they can begin gaining experience in a daycare center or preschool.

In fact, holding this degree will likely boost this candidate against other job seekers, as many preschool professionals do not take the opportunity to gain specialized education in the field. Students might want to consider becoming an associate teacher or preschool teacher with a degree from FNU.

About FNU’s Program

Before applying, an individual might want to know more about the program they are considering. FNU’s program is designed for students planning to pursue a four-year bachelor’s degree in education. A component of forty-two credit hours in general education is required. The program provides a general background in the field of education and expands the student’s theoretical knowledge using practical, hands-on teaching experiences. FNU awards an Associate of Arts degree upon graduation.

There are several classes that will help students build their knowledge to become a professional in the field. Students study an array of subjects from English to science and math, preparing them to teach a wide range of subjects. The following are some examples of what students will focus on during their studies:

  • PHI 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
  • LIT 2330 Children’s Literature
  • DEP 2004 Human Growth and Development
  • EDF 1005 Introduction to Education
  • EDF 1030 Classroom Management
  • EDF 2085 Teaching Diverse Populations
  • CGS 1013 Technology in Education

This Associate of Arts (A.A.) program is a two-year course of study that covers the core materials needed to complete the first two years of a four-year bachelor‘s degree.

Best of all, this program can be taken 100% online! Prefer the traditional classroom setting? That program is also offered at FNU’s South Campus.

FNU: Preparing Current Future Generations to Excel

Teachers are influential in the lives of students. Some students might spend more time with their teachers than their own parents, so teachers have the duty to inspire and education while maintaining their status as a positive role model.

If you are ready to take part in improving our future through teaching, and if you are interested in FNU’s program, apply now