What You Can Do With a Business Administration Degree

What You Can Do With a Business Administration DegreeStudents, have you ever had a yearning to open a small business, or had dreams of being a CEO? Maybe you pictured yourself being in charge of a non-profit organization. If so, you might seriously want to consider earning a degree in Business Administration.

Florida National University (FNU) offers several programs to help guide a prospective student toward various careers. Obtaining a Business Degree can open many doors for students. Students who are considering a business degree can choose from one of FNU’s four programs:

Career Goals

Students with strong leadership skills, or those who hope to further develop them, are good candidates to study business. The main goals of a business manager are to: organize, strategize, and manage resources to achieve objectives. However, prospective students who wish to study in our programs might want to know more details about their future with this degree. Here are some career paths that business majors often take:

  • Startup Founder or Entrepreneur

Starting out, one may think that a Startup Founder and Entrepreneur are the same, but there are slight differences. The main one difference is that a Startup founder is essentially the “idea person” while an entrepreneur is often the financial backing to the idea.

A startup founder is an individual who comes up with an idea for a product that they hope to turn into a business endeavor. This person’s main goal is to gain investors for their proposed product. Their duty is to make their business known so that investors are more inclined to financially back these new companies.

An entrepreneur, however, focuses more on the financial aspect of the business rather than dealing with the responsibility of managing the company and its employees. The goal of an investing entrepreneur is to make a return profit for the company and for their investment.

Students looking to learn more about Entrepreneurship on a deeper level can benefit from our “ENT 4412 Entrepreneurial Finance” and “MAN 4802 Entrepreneurship courses. 

  • Project Manager

Project Managers are in charge of planning and organizing project objectives. It is their responsibility to ensure that proper timelines and guidelines are created for each project, and to ensure that deadlines are met. They also have the responsibility to approve projects in the workplace before being sent to customers or clients. A Project Manager takes on the responsibility of mediating the interactions and organizing a procedure.

Non- Profit organizations often look for qualified project managers to execute their plans and desired outcome.

  • General Operations Manager

Individuals who take on the career of a General Operations Manager will plan, direct, or coordinate the operations of public or private sector organizations. Responsibilities that a general operations manager will have range from formulating policies to managing daily operations.

Managers are in charge of planning the use of daily materials in the work place, hiring and training new employees, as well as reviewing financial statements and reports. Students will learn about this in greater depth during the “ACG 2071 Managerial Accounting” course.

  • Human Resources Management

Human Resources Managers oversee the recruiting, interviewing and hiring process. They also have the responsibility to maintain and enhance the work environment for employees and take charge that all employees are being treated equally.

They will prepare staff for assignments by conducting training programs. A lot of their duties revolve around maintaining that guidelines are being followed. 

  • Marketing Research Analyst

Marketing Research Analysts help companies forecast sales trends, measure the progress of marketing programs, and analyze the gathered data to prepare the information for management to review.

  • City Department Manager

Depending on the size of the city they work for, the responsibilities may vary. City managers will oversee administrative task that are crucial, such as budget management, department oversight, and internal affairs. Overseeing departments including parks and recreation, fire, police, water, and transportation also play a role in the City Manager’s job. They are also responsible for appointing the heads of these departments.

These are just a handful of the different opportunities that become more attainable with a Business Administration degree. However, the first step toward these positions is gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to excel, through an accredited program.

Manage Your Future

FNU is ready to help you follow your career dreams. Now that you know what to do with your business degree, it’s time to do something about it! Learn more about the interesting careers students can pursue through FNU’s programs. See one you like? Apply now!

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