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The choice to invest in ones education is never an easy one. Questions about the profitability of the investment and if one’s schedule and current commitments would even allow such a substantial endeavor keep many from achieving their ambitions and potential.


Florida National University (FNU) understands the obstacles of higher education and is a leader in the educational community in clearing the path to their student’s ambitions. The availability of online courses allows those already in the workforce or with other strict commitments to advance their education on their schedule and at their pace, choosing only a few credits per semester or full time academics. With limited fixed costs per semester and very competitive pricing per unit, Florida National University is making higher education an achievable goal.


Bachelors in Accounting or Business Management

FNU offers exceptional online Bachelors of Arts and Bachelors of Science degrees in both Accounting and Business Management. The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 16% increase in the accounting job market between 2010 and 2020 largely due to the recent financial crisis and subsequent financial regulations. The need for 190,700 new accountants before 2020 and the average income of $61,690 a year makes a degree in accounting a valuable asset in the financial workplace. Most accountants are employed full time with twenty percent reporting a work week in excess of 40 hours per week, particularly at certain times of the year, such as tax season.


A degree in Business Management is a recommended path to a number of exciting careers including: Operations Manager, Human Resources (HR) Manager, Administrative Assistant, Executive Assistant, Office Manager, or Retail Store Manager. The number of related fields offers a unique opportunity to explore ones interests and provides greater job security. A popular pay monitor,, shows a range of average salaries, depending on profession, from $35,755 to $61,391 a year with regular increases in pay dependent on time in profession, with salaries near $80,000 a year available near the end of one’s career.


Associates Degrees in Accounting or Business Management

The advantages of an Associate’s Degree were summarized by writer and editor Olivia Crosby in her article Associate degree: Two years to a career or a jump start to a bachelor’s degree, where she asserts that “Associate degrees continue to open doors for millions of Americans in search of careers or advanced academic study.” The ability to get into a career in only two years is a very appealing option that allows one to enter the workforce in a much shorter time period than a typical Bachelor’s degree path. The other primary goal listed by Crosby is to transfer to a four year program after completing the Associates Degree, as a solid stepping point.


FNU’s opportunities to complete programs online with a flexible schedule appeal to many students who are taking advantage of both the benefits of an Associate’s degree. Many students are able to enter the workforce after their Associates Degree and then continuing toward their four year degree as they work. Regardless of the situation, FNU offers a flexible online program to help their students reach their goals.


Florida National University

Florida National University has provided exceptional education and meaningful degrees since 1982 and strives to meet the needs of the modern students. If you are interested in more information regarding the Florida National University please call 305-821-3333 ext. 3 or visit




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