Which College Can I Earn a Criminal Justice Degree Online?


As an aspiring college student, your options for choosing which university to earn your degree in Criminal Justice can be quite a challenge, because there are plenty of options!

Florida National University (FNU) is going to be your best choice for earning a college degree in the Criminal Justice field. As a regionally accredited university, we’re equipped to provide exemplary academic excellence to all of our students. Our online degree program is composed of structured coursework that is designed to teach and prepare students for work in the law enforcement field.

Types of Jobs You Can Get with a Criminal Justice Degree
Know How to Work with Computers!

Some of our Criminal Justice graduates have gone on to work as police and airport security officers, criminal investigators, detectives, and more. To work in this field, professionals must be able to prepare cases, write detailed reports, oversee traffic stops, write ticket citations, and testify in court. This means that you’ll need to be proficient in writing and speaking, which is why English Composition I & II and Fundamentals of Oral Communication are requirements for both our Associates of Arts and Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice programs.

Everything is computer-related. In a society where operating computers is an everyday occurrence, having a basic understanding of computers is to be expected in almost any profession—the law enforcement especially. As a member of law enforcement, you’ll not only have access to official police records, but also other entities that allow you to obtain necessary information to enforce the law. Information provided by the Department of Motor Vehicles is one of the major information databases that you’ll be able to pull from, but you’ll need to be proficient with computers and software to comfortably navigate such a system.

FNU also requires at least 4 credit hours of the Introduction to Information Technology course. While it’s understandable that new jobs will take some time to get used to—even when learning the business’ processes and software, our university prepares students to be comfortable with the general concept of computer applications.

Criminal Justice Degree Teaches You How to Work with the Public

In this line of work, it’s quite possible that you’ll have to respond to emergency calls, patrol the public, and even make arrest.

Dealing with professionals already requires a skilled level of training, but when you have to physically deal with the general public in terms of occupational safety, a higher level of training and expertise is required. First of all, you’ll need to know the law. It’s not only the lawyers and judges’ responsibility to do this. In fact, the more people who are informed, the better the judicial system can be.
FNU is Regionally Accredited

The above mentioned 3-credit courses are necessary fundamentals that all Criminal Justice majors are expected to know and apply toward their career as a professional. With FNU’s Criminal Justice degree programs, you’ll gain a broad range of skills that not only apply to your major, but also in liberal arts. While it’s extremely beneficial to master a certain area of expertise, it’s equally important to diversify your skillset so that your resume is more applicable to employers.

FNU’s Criminal Justice degree program provides our students with a strong foundation of academic courses that have been accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commissions on Colleges. This type of accreditation vets universities based on strict academic guidelines that are reviewed and judged by other regionally accredited universities. This level of scrutiny reassures aspiring FNU college students such as yourself that a quality education is guaranteed.

FNU’s Online Criminal Justice Degree Program

A great benefit that FNU’s online Criminal Justice degree programs have that many other universities don’t is the ability to take some classes at our brick and mortar campuses. Our university has two campus locations in the South Florida area. The main campus is in Hialeah, Florida, and the other in Miami, Florida—two ideal locations for students who are looking to experience a traditional college classroom setting along with all of the beautiful amenities that South Florida has to offer.

Many of our students split some of their Criminal Justice degree courses by taking some online and the rest at either one of our campus locations.

We also understand that it may not be geographically possible to take courses in our campus, and that is perfectly fine. You can earn your Criminal Justice degree completely online if you so desire. This is perfect for aspiring students living in Georgia, South or North Carolina, the Mid-West, or anywhere in the United States.

The Difference Between an Associates and Bachelor’s Degree

The difference between an associate’s and bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice is the time it takes to complete the program. The associate’s degree takes only two years to complete, complete, but will offer limited employment and earning opportunities. The bachelor’s program takes four years, but will open many more job opportunities and professional growth, as well as earning potential. Consequently, the bachelor’s program will require more credit hours, which will require more of an investment of time and resources. You can expect to complete approximately 120 credits for the bachelor’s program, and 60 credits for the associates program. With the bachelor’s program, more electives are necessary. In addition to the core courses, you’ll have the option of choosing 30 credit hours of our upper-level courses and 30 credit hours of our suggested upper-level electives that branch out into: legal studies, psychology business, natural sciences, and health services administration.

FNU, Your Choice for an Online Degree

FNU is the best place to earn your Criminal Justice degree because you’ll have the flexibility to take courses online or at any of our campus locations. To learn more about our Bachelor of Science and Associate of Arts Criminal Justice programs along with financial aid opportunities, contact a Florida National University advisor today.