Many of you are aware that Florida National University has individual courses and academic degree programs online. This Distance Learning component of the college further provides students with the convenience of requesting that their schedules be arranged depending on their current needs for each semester.

A student has the option of taking courses fully online. The students who take this option do so for the convenience of being able to study from their computers at home, with a flexible time schedule. By doing so, they avoid the traffic commute from work to make it on time to the classroom on campus. They also can spend the time at home with their children and family while they complete their courses online. Other online students enroll from all over the Country, and we even have a student who works in the US Embassy in Africa.

Our on campus students study most of the time in the classroom, but there are times when they like to take advantage of the convenience of taking one course online and one in the classroom. By doing this they can accommodate their job schedule better. Other times their jobs require that they travel on business trip and by taking two courses online they don’t have to put on hold their education to do so. Most hotels have internet connections and laptops prices have gone down, making them affordable to most of us.

How can someone enroll at Florida National University, as a fully online Distance Learning student, to take advantage of the conveniences mentioned above?

Just contact the Office of Academic Advising. We will get back to you as soon as possible and assist you with your career choices and guiding you through the enrollment process. Discover why Distance Learning is truly the Key to Opportunities!