The Holiday Season has arrived and with it the hope of better years ahead. This is the time of the year when many people think about family gatherings, getting together with friends, buying gifts for loved ones, and attending holiday celebrations. Yet with the economy as it is, what most people would like most is to have a job. A job to pay the bills and help them survive during this weak economy.

How does one go about looking for a job during these uncommon times? Maybe you’re a college student and need either a full-time or part-time job to make ends meet until you obtain your college degree and the economy improves. At which time you can seek that ideal job in the career of your dreams.

First, one must do his or her homework and examine the jobs that are available near their hometown. In our case, this will be in the Miami-Dade County area. Here are some websites you can use for this:

In many cases you will find that companies require that you fill out an online application and take an online test prior to even applying to a job. Once you pass through this process you are halfway there. Most companies require that you submit your resume online together with a cover letter. For this reason, you should have a resume and cover letter ready. If possible, the resume submitted online should be an e- resume. Visit the following websites for information on how to write one.

Here are a few other websites on e-resumes:

Here are links to information on digital resumes:

Social Networking to Help Find a Job: