• What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree

    What You Can Do With a Psychology Degree | FNU | Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information on our Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree.
    According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, every year, one in five people living in the United States experiences a mental illness, and one in 25 adults experiences a serious mental illness that can alter their lifestyle. Even more troubling is the youth numbers. One in five people ranging between the ages of 13 to 18 experience a severe mental disorder. That means 21.4% of the country’s children have... Read More
  • UPCOMING WEBINAR: How COVID-19 Affects B2B Relationships: Implications for Management and Research

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    *This webinar will be hosted in Spanish
  • 6 Reasons It’s Never Too Late to Get A College Degree

    6 Reasons It's Never Too Late to Get a College Degree | FNU | Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information about our degree programs.
    For some, a college degree is the pivotal mark of accomplishment. For others, it’s obtained out of necessity to enter the job market. Regardless of the reason students have for earning their associate, bachelor, or master’s degree, one thing remains true: it’s never too late to get a college degree. Florida National University (FNU) offers six reasons why:     1. Humans Learn Through Their Entire Lifetime It’s no secret... Read More
  • Top Nine Job Interview Tips

    Top Nine Job Interview Tips | Florida National University | 305-821-3333
    Interviews can be extremely daunting. Have you been to interviews and struggled to make a connection or found you just didn't know how to put your best foot forward? Florida National University (FNU) is here to help with nine job interview tips that may help guide you on your job search journey.   Tip 1: Research the company you are applying for Employers expect you to be prepared, know everything... Read More
  • Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19) UPDATE

    Online learning (Blackboard) implemented for all courses for Summer B FNU is currently fully operational Our campuses remain open with the essential staff/personnel to serve our prospective students, although we encourage them to use telephone, virtual, or online communication if possible. FNU Update regarding Summer B Courses: Our FNU family and their loved ones are at the forefront of our minds as we grapple with the spread of the COVID-19... Read More
  • FNU to offer free academic advising graduate certificate to 30 teachers starting 2020 Summer B Term

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        FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                         CONTACT: Giancarlo Lignarolo, Florida National University Online Admissions Director 4425 W 20th Ave, Hialeah, FL 33012 For information, teachers@fnu.edu   HIALEAH, FLA. – Florida National University (FNU) will soon offer a free graduate certificate in academic advising to the first 30 qualified applicants who meet the requirements beginning June 29, 2020 through October 22, 2020. The focus is to give teachers the knowledge to support... Read More
  • Reasons Why You Should Pursue a Master’s Degree Now

    Reasons Why You Should Pursue Your Master's Degree Now | FNU | Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information about our graduate programs.
    Getting a master’s degree can be extremely rewarding, but it can also seem daunting. It is a big decision to make and pursue. Florida National University (FNU) offers several graduate programs: Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) Master’s in Health Services Administration Nursing (MSN) RN to MSN (MSN) Master of Science – Forensic Psychology One of the biggest question’s undergraduates ask themselves is “should I pursue a master’s degree?” While this... Read More
  • 6 Skills Every Dental Assistant Needs

    6 Skills Every Dental Assistant Needs | Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information about our Dental Assistant Certificate Program | FNU | Dental Assistant
      Dental assistants spend the majority of the day interacting with patients and assisting with procedures and dental exams. Working closely with patients and dentists requires a certain set of skills. While Florida National University (FNU) offers a Dental Assistant certificate program to help with the knowledge and terminology required for a dental assistant, there are six skills every dental assistant needs:     1. Organizational Skills Dental assistants should... Read More
  • 5 Reasons to Become a Registered Nurse

    5 Reasons to Become a Registered Nurse | FNU | Contact FNU at 305-821-3333 for more information on our nursing programs.
    Students who are considering a career in nursing have several opportunities in front of them. Florida National University (FNU) offers multiple nursing degree programs: Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) RN to MSN Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Associate of Science in Nursing Before deciding on which degree path you want to take, it is important to understand the job outlook for the industry. Let’s look at what it... Read More
  • CCNE Board of Commissioners Grant Accreditation to FNU’s BSN Program

      Florida National University is pleased to announce that the CCNE Board of Commissioners acted at its meeting on May 5-8, 2020, to grant accreditation to the baccalaureate degree program in nursing for 10 years, extending to June 30, 2030. It has always been clear to FNU how important nurses are to our future and we have been committed to upholding the standard of our program in order to prepare... Read More