The following pages are an outline of the description and functioning of the Student Government Association of Florida National University. The Student Government Association is a non-profit organization. The following outline shows the basic duties of each officer. After taking position, the officers will take control of their position in accord with the rules, regulations, duties and/or responsibilities of the SGA of the university.

The students have a representation in different institutional committees.

Through the responsible exercise of the right to vote the students at FNU elect their officers/representatives. Only students have the right to vote.

Report to The Director of Student Services and or his/her designee.

The Goals of the Student Government Association are:

  1. To officially represent the student body.
  2. To freely represent the student body in presence of the university authorities.
  3. To contribute in the creation of an environment conducive to learning. This environment will develop the life long learning skills in the students.
  4. To recommend student’s representation in institutional committees to participate on behalf of the student body.
  5. To compromise or distribute the SGA funds were the signature of the President, Treasure and or The Director of Student Services are required.
  6. To develop and create cultural, social, and academic activities that will benefit the students and help the institution maintain and enrich student’s goals and objective in compliance with Institutional Statement of Purpose.

The objective of the Student Government Association is:

  1. Prepare a complete financial report of all funds assigned or fundraised by the SGA.
  2. Summit a detail report of all operation of the SGA.

  3. Provide the students with avenues of learning by integrating cultural, social and academic opportunities involving the surrounding community, always emphasizing the student’s safety.


  1. Officers, including the President, the Vice-President, the Secretary and the Treasurer, will be elected into office.
  2. Decisions and/or changes must be made only by elections.
  3. All elections must be posted on a bulletin board. Students must be informed at least (5) days prior to the election.
  4. NO DISCRIMINATION is allowed. If any officer is found guilty of discrimination in any way, he/she will be removed immediately from office and an election for a new officer will take place.
  5. If removal of the President is found necessary, the Vice-President will take over office and an election for Vice-President will take place.
  6. Each academic program must elect a representative that will meet with the Student Government Association to represent the student’s opinion of that specific program.
  7. Election for new officers will be held once a year or when deemed necessary.
  8. The Director of Student Services, The Campus Dean, their representative or designee is responsible to advise the SGA and its members on institutional goals and objective.
  9. The Director of Student Services, the Campus Dean, their representative or designee is responsible to serve as a resource to the SGA in the preparation and direction of meeting, activities coordination, and any activities related to the students.
  10. Help on the revision and elaboration of the SGA rules and regulations.
  11. The SGA is responsible to work, create and turn-in a works plan during the first two weeks in office.
  12. The Director of Student Services is responsible for advising the Campus Deans, the University President, Vice-Presidents, and the Chairman of the Board of all regulations that govern the Student Government Association according to the University Catalog, the Student Handbooks and the by-laws of the SGA.
  13. Maintain a work climate and good relation with the group to reach the goals and objectives.
  14. The SGA serves as a liaison between the administration and the student’s organization.
  15. The SGA is responsible for signing contracts/agreements, in the name of the association, to prepare activities that will benefit the students.
  16. The SGA is responsible of disseminating rules and regulations that are covered in the Student Handbook and the University Catalog.
  17. The SGA will ensure that any money collected for the, or by the students is used on related activities with the sole purpose of benefiting the students. Any income acquired through non-profit status of the SGA will be reported to the Director of Student Services at once.
  18. Under no circumstance may SGA funds be used for any purpose other than the one intended, the students.
  19. Funds received through the students, for services that will be related to student’s activities, can not involve, in any way, the use of alcohol, tobacco or any type of drugs. **

**Article 19 cannot be eliminated from the SGA by-law’s according to the policies and procedures of the university