Student Government Association Job Description

Campus Treasurer

The student who is elected to the SGA Campus Treasurer position must be an active FNU student attending classes either in the morning or the evening sessions. The student must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 2.50 before, during and after the time in office. Dropping below this GPA will be excuse enough to release the incumbent from office. The Student must have at least 12 credits approved in FNU with the minimum GPA required. This student will be a role model for not only his fellow officers, but also for the entire student body and must therefore project an image of a hard-working, honest, and committed student. The Campus Treasurer will be working alongside students, faculty, staff, and other individuals and must at all times present the professional and academic attitude that typifies Florida National University.

The Treasurer is responsible for assisting the SGA Officers in all duties relating to financial operation. These include but are not limited to:

1. Collecting all monies from any fundraiser.

2. Opening a checking account for the SGA as a non-profit organization with the authorization of the Director of Student Services and his/her signature or his/her representative or designee.

3. Keeping track of all transactions done in that particular account.

4. Budget effectively all monies available to SGA.

5. Issue payments to all parties that supply SGA as needed.

6. Save all receipts of purchases and payments for archive.

7. Accept any duties that the President or the Vice-President may need the treasurer to do when related to financial operations.