Student Government Association Job Description

Campus Vice-President

The student who is elected to the SGA Campus Vice-President position must be an active FNU student attending classes either in the morning or the evening sessions. The student must have and maintain a minimum GPA of 3.00 before, during and after the time in office. Dropping below this GPA will be excuse enough to release the incumbent from office. The Student must have at least 12 credits approved in FNU with the minimum GPA required. This student will be a role model for not only his fellow officers, but also for the entire student body and must therefore project an image of a hard-working, honest, and committed student. The Campus Vice-President will be working alongside students, faculty, staff, and other individuals and must at all times present the professional and academic attitude that typifies Florida National University.

Duties include (The Campus Vice-President is Responsible for):

1. Assisting the president in all duties including the arrangement of a weekly meeting at the individual Campus and to inform the other members of the SGA of place and time of the meeting.

2. For assisting the President in announcing all future meetings to the officers, to the entire student body and to all faculty and/or staff involved.

3. For commencing, guiding, presiding and adjourning the meeting while it is in session if for any reason the President is unable to attend. The Vice-President will ensure that the voting is conducted appropriately if the President is unable to fulfill this duty and will conduct all decisions that must be made during the meeting.

4. Is responsible for delegating power and duties among all members of the SGA, or according to his/her evaluation of each individual situation.

5. The Vice-President is to be a liaison between faculty, staff, the student body and the surrounding community. Therefore, the Vice-President should establish an open and communicative relationship with all faculty members, staff and students that pertain to his campus. The Vice-President will also be working with individuals and organizations outside of the school and a similar relationship should also be established.

6. Any information that the faculty or staff would like to be passed on to the student body should be passed on to the members of the SGA or the Vice-President if the President is not available. The Vice President will be responsible for the distribution of the information and to notify the President of such action.

7. It is the duty of the Vice-President to assist the President, the Campus Dean, The Director of Student Services, their representative or designee in making community organization aware of the SGA’s presence and allocate information that will both help the Student Body and FLORIDA NATIONAL UNIVERSITY.

8. Getting a copy of the weekly minutes and be aware of the activities that are being handled that particular week.

9. Having a meeting with the Campus Dean of the Director of Student Services weekly to report the SGA progress and to ask for his/her permission or advice on any matter that might be pending.

10. To inform the student advisor of any and all activities in which the SGA is participating.

11. To counsel and aid the President in all of the above.

12. To take over responsibilities of the President when he/she is absent.