Forensic Psychology (FP)

The Master of Forensic Psychology program will provide students with the professional
education needed to function at the finest level in a variety of forensic settings where
psychology is used including: courts, law enforcement, criminal justice, national security
offices, prisons, social services agencies, child welfare agencies, and treatment facilities



Credit Hours
CCJ 5618 Criminal Psychology 3
CCJ 5654 Substance Abuse and the Offender 3
CCJ 6665 Victimology 3
CJL 6521 Courts and Society 3
CLP 5165 Psychopathology 3
CLP 5375 Research Design and Methods in Clinical Psychology 3
CLP 6395 Forensic Psychology 3
CLP 6430 Clinical Psychological Assessment 3
PCO 6057 Psychology of Counseling 3
SOP 5225 Introduction to Group Behavior 3
SYO 5416 Stress and Mental Health 3
PSY 6000 Capstone Project 3
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