How to Become an Operations Research Analyst

Are you good with mathematics, curious, and have good critical thinking skills? If this sounds like you, an Operations Research Analyst Master’s Degree can be your ticket to a great career. Let Florida National University prepare you for the workforce with a graduate-level degree program that will be invaluable when applying to become an operations research analyst.


What Does an Operations Research Analyst Do?


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, operations research analysts use mathematics and logic to make informed decisions and solve business problems. They will identify issues with logistics, supply chain, business operations, and other necessary data-intensive subjects. The operations research analyst will collect and organize data from databases, sales histories, and customer feedback. They will also gather feedback from employees and talk with subject matter experts. Operations research analysts will develop and test quantitative models using analytical tools. 


Are Operations Research Analysts in Demand?


According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the projected growth of operations research analysts is estimated to be 23 percent through 2032. Many operations research analysts are coming to retirement age, and those holding a Master’s degree can fill the empty operations research analyst roles. 


How Do You Become an Operations Research Analyst?


A great way to become an operations research analyst is to complete a Master’s degree program at Florida National University. With campuses in both Hialeah and Miami, Florida National University is a beacon for graduate students to learn the ins and outs of operations research, data analysis, statistical modeling, and outcome prediction. With this knowledge and skillset, you can help organizations thrive.


What Class Do You Take in an Operations Research Analyst Master’s Program?


There are many essential classes that you will take during your Operations Research Analyst Master’s program. These classes include:


Introduction to Analytics


During an introduction to analytics class, you will learn about the fundamentals of analytics and its practical applications. This class covers data analysis, data collection, cleaning, statistical analysis, visualization, and interpretation. You will also learn to use different data analytics tools like Excel and SQL to analyze data and draw meaningful insights. 


Project in Data Analysis


A project will supplement your introduction to analytics class. This project will help you understand the skills needed to analyze data properly. Throughout the project, you will collect, organize, and analyze data using statistical methods to identify accuracy and reliability levels. This real-world project will prepare you for your career as an operations research analyst.


Business Intelligence and Data Mining


This class will teach you to make informed decisions by identifying trends, relationships, and patterns using data mining tools and algorithms. Other topics that will be touched upon include big data, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.


Decision-Making Under Uncertainty


This class will help you make better decisions as an operations research analyst when facing uncertainty or incomplete data sets. You will also learn to evaluate risk, probabilities, and potential outcomes.


Applied Research Methods


This class will train you on research methods to design and execute research studies. Additional topics include data collection methods, sampling techniques, and statistical analysis.


Mathematical Methods of Operations Research


The curriculum of this class focuses on mathematical tools and techniques used to solve complex operations problems. You will learn how to formulate mathematical problems, analyze their properties, and develop algorithms to find optimal solutions.


Data Mining Methodology


This operations research analyst class focuses on the principles, techniques, and algorithms that extract knowledge from large datasets. You will learn the fundamentals of data collection, modeling, evaluation, and deployment. 


Advanced Computer Processing of Statistical Data


This class uses computer software and programming to process and analyze statistical data. You will learn the tools and techniques to clean and prepare data, explore data analysis, model and infer statistics, and visualize and interpret data.


Data Preparation


This class focuses on the importance of data preparation and its implication on the accuracy and reliability of your analytical results. You will learn to collect, organize, and extract data from databases, spreadsheets, and online platforms.


Time Series and Forecasting Techniques


This class will help you analyze data patterns over time and make better predictions. You will learn about time series forecasting, exponential smoothing methods, autoregressive integrated moving average models, and state space models.


Final Thoughts


Now that you know more about becoming an operations research analyst, it is time to learn about Florida National University. With industry-experienced instructors and industry-standard software, you will gain the knowledge and skills to analyze data to forecast and predict business operation outcomes using large datasets. The future is big data, so take the time to become an operations research analyst and get ahead of the onslaught of data that contains more variety, arriving in increasing volumes and with more velocity.


Eager to Learn More?


This Operations Research Analyst Master’s Degree offers excellent career potential. So, learn more about Florida National University today, and start a new career tomorrow.


Operations Research Analyst, Master of Science


The Operations Research Analyst, MS program provides students with analytic techniques to make better business decisions and solve problems. These techniques help to allocate resources, measure performance, design production facilities and systems, manage the supply chain, set prices, coordinate transportation and distribution, and analyze large databases.


If you want to become an operations research analyst, let Florida National University answer any questions. Contact us today to learn more about our Masters of Science programs.