Always backup your files before running a new software

How to use Wi-Fi Printing:

  1. You must use Microsoft Internet Explorer for Wi-Fi printing to work
  2. To Download Application:

Hialeah Library Wireless Printing for Windows, please download file HERE
Hialeah Library Wireless Printing
for Mac, please download file HERE 

South Campus Resource Room Wireless Printing for Windows, please download file HERE
South Campus Resource Room Wireless Printing for Mac, please download file HERE

3.Click Run:


4.Depending on the version of Internet Explorer and the configuration of it, the following warnings could appear.

Click Run again following Windows warnings message below:


Or Click “Actions”:

And Select “Run Anyway”:


5. In Windows 10, the following prompt will occur. Please click “more info”:


Then, click on “Run Anyway”:


6.. After several seconds the application will extract and run. The following icon and program should be visible:

Mac users, if you get an error saying “that you can only run Apps from the Apple Store”, go to

“Systems Preferences” > Security And Privacy > General,

and select allow “Apps download from anywhere”


Once you’re ready to print your document:

  1. Select the Black & White Printer or Color Printer from the Print Menu on your laptop and click print.
  2. You must provide a user ID when prompted and click OK.
  3. Go to the Printing Center Workstation, type in the same user ID and click OK.
  4. Double check your print request, choose print on the Printing Center Workstation and select “Pay from Vending Device”.
  5. Insert the money into the Jamex Coin Machine.
  6. Your print job should print now!

Windows Notes: If you followed these instructions and you’re not able to print, check your antivirus and/or firewall.

Mac Notes:  Not compatible with Apple OS X El Capitan. Only works with Intel Processors.

General Note: If the Envisionware LPT: One Print Client is closed, you will need to re-download the software and follow the instructions again in order to print. Or if you saved it you can run it again from your laptop.

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