MBA Program Kicks Off!

MBA Program Kicks Off!It was a new and exciting day at Florida National University yesterday. The MBA program kicked off with our first orientation for our business graduate alumni. The orientation was a success! Our alumni got to reconnect with their former professors and friends. They were given very detailed information about the MBA program by Dr. Bullen and Dr. Gonzalez. Students were able to ask many questions about the program and their specific needs. Mr. Navarro was introduced as the Advisor for the graduate program and spoke intensely about scholarship opportunities. Student Services did a great job of preparing the event and welcoming the graduates as they entered FNU.

The future of the MBA looks very promising, and here at FNU, we look forward to adding other graduate programs in the not too distant future.

In other news, the Florida primary took place this month with Mitt Romney being declared the winner. Congratulations to the New York Giants as they are the new Superbowl Champions.

For more information about our MBA program, please contact Dean, Olga Rodriguez at 305 821 3333 x. 1044.

To contact Student Services, you may call 305 821 3333 x. 1004.

Dr. Bullen & Assistant Dean, Olga Rodriguez