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Why Network ? As a former executive at Experience Hendrix (Family of Jimi Hendrix), I know what it takes to succeed in an ever changing business market. One thing for sure is, if you do not attend networking events to expand business opportunities, you are doing yourself a dis-service. Making connections online is simply not enough to seal a deal in most cases. Looking someone eye to eye still has value and creates a stronger bond with potential clients. That said, going to networking events without being prepared is business suicide. It is important to attend with business cards, the right mind frame and elevator speech. You should be prepared down to the color of your tie, outfit and cleanliness of your shoes. Although SouthFlorida is a tempting place to engage in personal relationships, while networking you must stay focused on your objectives and separate business from pleasure. This also means do not indulge heavy on “spirits” and find yourself a little too tipsy or out of control. Make it a point to never take a picture with a glass of alcohol while posing for the paparazzi… also known as selfies or local photographers. No employer wants to think the employee is only there for the booze. I remember once while attending a Grammy Awards After Party, I witnessed a well known young entertainer so drunk he was asked to leave forcefully. Hypocritically, it sent a signal to many not to be associated with that artist. It may have had nothing to do with his decline; however, he never recorded another hit record or was seen on the music scene again. Even if you do not meet the people you would like, your presence alone is advertisement and branding that will keep you on others radar when ready to make a positive decision in your area. More next edition.


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TALLAHASSEE, FL –Florida National University received two of the highest honors given to career schools by the Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges (FAPSC).

Omar Escarpio was honored as the 2014 Faculty Member of the Year and Dr. Barbara Rodriguez was named the 2014 Education Administrator of the Year at the FAPSC annual conference held recently in Miami.

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Escarpiois a professor in the respiratory therapy program at FNU. His focus on preparing professionals committed to careers in health care has contributed to the retention rate and the graduation rate of the program. Dr. Rodriguez has served more than 17 years as an educator and Humanities/Fine Arts Division Head. In her current role, she is the liaison to the university’s accreditation agency and the division head for Humanities & Fine Arts.


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The South Florida Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (SFLHCC) held the Hispanic Leadership Awards Luncheon Honoring Top Hispanic Leaders of South Florida. FNU President, Dr. Maria Cristina Regueiro, was the 2014 recipient of the Philanthropy Award.