Our Philosophy of Education: What do you Think?

When was the last time you perused the Florida National University Catalog? Did you take a copy to the beach with you last summer? Did you read a copy next to a crackling fire last holiday break? Probably not. Let’s face it, the college catalog has all the drama and suspense of a DMV test manual. (At least, we don’t quiz you.)

Although it may lack the magic and imagination of the Harry Potter franchise, it does define who we are as an institution and as a community.

Florida National University is more than a collection of physical addresses, more than classrooms and curriculums, more than a hierarchy of faculty and administration. We are all Florida National University. You are Florida National University.

Everyone who agrees to work at Flordia National College, everyone who agrees to attend Florida National University, becomes a part of our community . . . and our community is part of an even bigger community. We are all interconnected. When we recognize we are responsible for the quality of our own communities, we recognize we have the power to transform them.

According to the FNU College Catalog:

Florida National University devotes itself to the cause of education, aware that: (1) preparing individuals for personal and professional success is laying the basis for stable and prosperous societies; (2) there is much to gain from the impetus, creativity, and sheer desire to belong found in the many who are a part of the rapid growth of Southern Florida. Florida National University would like to be a part in this process of incorporation of so many diverse elements into the many occupational and professional opportunities this prosperous nation has to offer, and thus, help maintain this nation’s unique position as champion of human enterprise, human power, and human solidarity. (11)

Well that’s quite a benevolent philosophy if you ask me, but perhaps the more important question is, what do you think? After all, you’re Florida National University.