FNU Alumni Turns American Dental Dream into American Legacy

FNU Alumni Dr. German L Murias photoHIALEAH, FL- Dr. German L Murias is the very epitome of the American dream. He has been a practicing dentist for 28 years. From his humble beginning when the late Dr. Jose Regueiro met Dr. Murias, he ignited a fire and a passion for the field of Dental Laboratory work that would carry him to the present day where he now works successfully as a dentist in his own practice and runs his own private Dental Laboratory. “For me, it was love at first sight. When I saw the students at the school doing the work, I just wanted to get in there and do it myself. It was like a magnet. It was right at that moment that I knew I wanted to do this always.” To this day, he proudly displays his dental technician certificate, which he earned under Dr. Regueiro’s guidance. He even recalls from memory the exact month and year: August 25, 1978.

The late Jose Regueiro left a very important impression on Dr. Murias. “He was really very nice, he was an inspiration. He had the same passion and loved what he did, that’s the key. He had that fire inside of him, and he couldn’t hold it in. He had to give it to others. He saw that in me, and he helped me.”

An inventor as well, Dr. Murias has 4 patents on his invention and design. He explained how this happened, “I was in the middle of a surgery and I needed an instrument that would fit a very small space and could not find one, so I went to my lab and designed an instrument to what I needed and that’s how the Drill Driver was born.” He developed this hand tool that has no electric motors, but in fact takes the cells that are lost in the implantation process and puts them back into the body, as well as helps to preserve the bone. All 4 patents are related to the procedure and hand tool.

Dr. Murias attended Dental School in the Dominican Republic after graduation, and upon returning to the states he felt his training was not complete. He applied to a very specialized Implant training course at Harvard School of Dental Medicine and was accepted. “This training really prepared and trained me in all major disciplines in the dental field and made me into the professional I am today,” explained Murias.

Dr. Murias has three sons. His oldest, German Jose is in commercial arts. His middle son Eric is also a dentist, a graduate of New York University School of Dentistry, and is in private practice with his father Dr. Murias senior. His youngest son Frank Joseph is earning a Master of Science degree at Barry University, and has been interviewed at various dental schools for entrance this summer.

When asked of the success of his children, Dr. Murias replied, “They’re doing what they’ve seen all of their lives. My wife and I are both great advocates for education. At home I am always learning and studying new techniques in this very rapidly evolving field of which I am a part of. When your children see this, and see you doing this every day, they follow your example.”

Dr. Murias has great passion for his profession, and offers this advice to others, “You have to have passion and believe in life. Whatever field you pick you have to strive to be the best you can be. Love it and never stop learning. You can’t do it for the money. You have to do it because you love it, and that is the key to success.” He continues to inspire others as a clinical professor of Dentistry at the University of Florida, training foreign doctors to prepare for the dental world of the United States.

If you have any inquiries regarding Dr. Murias or his practice, feel free to contact him at the number or web address provided in this press release.



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