The ADD/DROP period is the first week of the semester (Term A), ending Friday of that week.
During this time, you are able to add, change, or cancel classes, by following the procedure established. Classes withdrawn within this period will receive a”W” on the transcript.

Requests to change, add or cancel classes must be made in writing by means of the Cancel/Add form, found on the FNU website or at the Registrar’s Office. Any changes to your schedule must be approved by your Department/Division Head and a Cancel/Add form must be completed, signed, and turned into the Registrar’s Office. Distance learning students must submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office via either e-mail ( or or fax at (305) 362-0595, Attention to: Registrar’s Office.

Additional questions to the Distance Learning Dept. can be emailed to

No schedule changes will be accepted for the semester during Term B unless it is an emergency, and you will be charged for the change. For changes approved after the ADD/DROP period, the student will be charged $50.00 per change.

Students starting in the University in the Term B of the semester, will be granted an ADD/DROP period during the first week of this term.