Students planning to be out of FNU for one term (two months) must submit a written request for a Standard Period of Non-Enrollment to the Registrar‘s Office. The SPNE request form is located in the Registrar’s Office or can be downloaded from the FNU website. Distance learning students must submit the completed form to the Registrar’s Office via either e-mail ( or or fax at (305) 362 0595, Attention to: Registrar’s Office. Additional questions to the Distance Learning Dept. can be emailed to

SPNE’s are usually approved for one term (two months) per semester. However, during the summer semester, a student can request it for four months (one semester).

A Standard Period of Non-Enrollment must be requested prior to the start of the term or during the first week of classes of the term the student is planning to be away from FNU.
After the ADD/DROP period, no SPNE requests are granted. Students will receive a “W” for that term once that SPNE is approved. If the SPNE is only for one term (two months), the student’s remaining schedule of courses will remain the same.

The request must be authorized by the Campus Registrar and the Financial Aid officer.

Students must report to the Registrar‘s Office by the date indicated on the Standard Period of Non-Enrollment form. Students who fail to return to the University by the expected date will be considered to have withdrawn from the school, and the student will therefore be responsible for any balance due.

Practical Nurse students (for their entire curriculum) and Registered Nurse (during their core courses) are NOT eligible for a Standard Period of Non-Enrollment.

An SPNE extends a student’s graduation date. Students on SPNE may not be able to maintain their course sequencing.