Library Assistant Inspires by Going Above and Beyond

An Introduction to a New Friend

Almost certainly, you would notice the newest member of the Library Team, Janette Lorie. Janette is our most recently hired Library Assistant at the South Campus Resource Room. Janette spent several years as a student worker aid, and when the right opportunity came, she applied for the full-time position. With Martha’s instructions, and the famous FNU Staff Handbook at her side, Janette stayed strong during Martha’s vacation time. Of course, there are tough questions serving a diverse population of students and faculty: where is the Ophthalmoscopes; how to reach the IT support; and why we do not have the Hours of Operation for everybody to see. Janette’s motto is simple, but powerful: “Never underestimate the valuable and important difference you make in every life you touch for the impact you make today has a powerful rippling effect on every tomorrow.

Why I want to share Janette’s story, because it the FNU we celebrating meaningful culture through sterling Customer Service initiatives. It is important that she is always willing to help students even when the issue is not directly related to the library. In modern days, meaningful conversations and collaborations creating partnerships and transforming library services. The Library, the Resource Room, in reality, are our centers of information. This is not only about landing books, ‘shhhhing’ everybody down, but by landing our services, study space area, equipment. Each of us participates in building information literacy in higher education by reaching out to the leaders of tomorrow preparing learners from diverse backgrounds to discover their inner truth seeking powers.

Janette, ‘thank you for your feedback and willingness to interact.’ You did well! Today, earlier of the day, Dr. Regueiro wrote in the e-mail: I want to commend the willingness of Ms. Lorie on providing feedback on different student’s matters and agreeing to be an ambassador for the institution to help our students to exceed and excel and make us aware of circumstances and scenarios that can be improved.”

If you check the FNU Mission Statement, it exactly says that the goal is to reach out to students who may be shy, uncomfortable or unwilling to seek research help from faculty and staff in order to create equanimity of the diverse local academic community. How? Conversing with others in their field, discovering untapped resources and knowledge; and initiating positive cooperative, coordinative, collaborative, or mentoring partnership to facilitate engagement.

Ida Tomshinsky, MLS

FNU Library Director

305-821-3333, ext. 1161