Florida National University Campus building


As an accredited academic institution, Florida National University is committed to provide the Student with effective avenues of communication in order to provide the best possible education. Any concern about the facilities, courses, staff or any other matter that you fell may impede your success at Florida National University should be addressed immediately to the Director of Student Services, the Campus Dean, or higher authorities, if necessary.


It is the policy of Florida National University to listen to any student who may have a grievance or complaint concerning any faculty, staff, administrator, policy, or academic or financial matter. The student is guaranteed a speedy answer and access to higher authority through the appropriate chain of command until the student fully understands the action taken.

Students who have academic complaints are to follow the procedures as established by Florida National University, which are:

    1. The student should address his complaint to the faculty member, staff member or administrator involved.
    2. If the student is not satisfied, he or she is to address the individual’s superior Faculty> Department Head>Division Staff> Administrative superior
    3. If the student follows through the chain of command and is not satisfied, he or she can file a written complaint with the Office of Student Services.
    4. The written complaint will be investigated by the Director of Student Services and pursued a conclusion.
    5. If the complaint has not been resolved to the student’s satisfaction, he or she is to address the Campus Dean.

For those students who request information concerning the methods of contacting the U.S. Department of Education, the Commission of Independent Education of Florida Department of Education, or the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools/Commission on Colleges, telephone numbers and addresses can be found on page 17.

Out of state online learning students who have completed the complaint process and are still not satisfied with the outcome may appeal non-instructional complaints to FL-SARA PDRC Council. For additional information on the complaint process, please visit FL-SARA PRDC complaint Process: