Accredited Online Degrees

Make sure you and your computer are ready

Here are some technical requirements that you and your computer should meet to ensure that you are both ready for the distance learning challenge.

Personal Requirements

Make sure you know how to do the following so that you can have a successful learning experience:

Computer skills: You should have experience using a personal computer. You must know how to use a keyboard and a mouse, save and open files, navigate the file systems, install software and print documents.
Basic computer skills tutorial
Internet/Browser Basics: You should know how to open and close browsers, bookmark URLs; input URLs into the location/address bar; print from the Web, navigate the Web; download files from Web sites and install software.
Google Chrome Tutorial
Internet Explorer Tutorial
Firefox Tutorial
Email: You should know how to save and organize emails, as well as send and open attachments.
Email Tutorial

Hardware & Software Requirements

Supported Internet Browsers & Operating Systems:

    MS Windows Vista/Windows 7, 8 and 10, Mac OS 10.5 or better
    Internet Explorer 11 or Internet Explorer 10 or 9
    Safari 8 or higher from Apple
    Mozilla Firefox 32 or better
    Google Chrome 37 or higher (highly recommended)
    JRE version 8 is the recommended version for features that depend on it. The JRE can be downloaded from:
    Adobe Flash Player version 23 is the recommended version

High-speed Internet strongly recommended for efficient use of all the applications
Blackboard disapproves the following browsers:

    Safari 2.0, 3.x (or any version on Windows)
    Internet Explorer 6
    Firefox 1.x, 2.0, 3.0 and 3.5
    Mac OSX 10.4 “Tiger”
    Java 5

It is recommended to keep your computer upgrade to the latest version of the software for a better learning experience.

You will need your FNU student email account to take our online courses.

Still not sure ?

Contact our Distance Learning Department staff at:
Or call: (305) 831-3333 ext. 1047 or (305) 226- 9999 Ext. 1345.