Many of you are becoming aware of the importance of obtaining your textbooks as soon as you know your schedule in order to be ready for your first day of classes. There are several options for obtaining your textbooks.

The first one is purchasing them from the FNU Bookstores located at the Hialeah and South Campuses. Just bring a copy of your schedule to the bookstore and they will tell you what your required textbooks are. This information is also found in your course syllabus. It is very important that you obtain the correct edition of the textbook. To make sure you do, double check to see that you have the correct ISBN number of the textbook.

The second option is to purchase used textbooks from one of our FNU students who have them for sale. To do this, simply go to the My FNU Portal and click Student Services and then click Used Books. There you will find the names of the used textbooks for sale, along with the prices and phone numbers of the students trying to sell them. You are also able to sell your used textbooks using this system as well.

The third option is to buy the textbooks online: new, used, or e-textbooks. This option is very convenient especially for distance learning students who are taking all their courses online and find it difficult to go to the bookstore to purchase their textbooks.
There are several websites that sell new, used, and e-textbooks online.

To search for best deals you can go to the following price comparison search engines websites: , , and

Here is a list of other websites where you can purchase books online: / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / /

Here are some websites that have textbook rentals: / /

The latest in book sales is Digital Copies of Textbooks, where you get your textbook in electronic format. The advantage of these is that they are less expensive than the print version, but the downsides is that they can’t be returned or sold, and some subscriptions limit access to a semester or two, and copyrights prevent printing more than a few pages.

Here are links to purchase these textbooks in electronic format: /

I hope the information provided can help you in obtaining your textbooks on time and contribute to your success in your education at Florida National University.