student being presented award

Daysen Morejon

Daysen has been working at FNU’s South Campus Computer Lab for the last two and a half years. She believes the Student Applause Award is a great way to know that the faculty and staff are doing a good job which leads to the student’s satisfaction. She began as a college-work student; and she is currently the Computer Lab Coordinator at South Campus. She is also working towards her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting at FNU. When she has the time to, she loves reading self improvement books and dancing. Daysen is very organized and caring and does an excellent job as a Computer Lab Coordinator.

Maria Abreira

Professor Abreira has been ESL Faculty at the South Campus since 2008. She believes the Student Applause Award is an excellent way to know the students’ opinion about the Faculty and Staff performance. Ms. Abreira is passionate about teaching, “It is my passion” she said. Her personal interests include reading , watching movies, and dancing.