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“The mission of the Writing Lab is to provide writing tutorials and support to all students and faculty across the disciplines. The Writing Lab is an integral part of the fulfillment of the institution’s Quality Enhancement Plan (Write It Right!).”


  1. To produce better writers who will compose well-developed, well-structured, coherent papers.
  2. To facilitate student engagement in the writing process and to improve writing skills through individual tutoring, paper reading, writing exercises, and constant evaluation and assessment.
  3. To provide the same services and support for distance learning students by publishing a collection of handouts and exercises to remediate and enhance writing skills and by providing feedback and assistance online.


  1. Individualized tutoring sessions and workshops as requested by instructors.
  2. Paper reading sessions (face-to-face and online) that include:
    • Rough draft evaluation (Revision of major components of the paper as: thesis statement, support for the thesis, and organization.)
    • Preliminary draft evaluation (Revision of mechanics, style, and transitions.)
    • Final draft evaluation (Revision of every aspect of the paper, which includes but is not limited to topic, thesis, argument, organization, mechanics, and format (APA/MLA.)

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, in-person writing consultations have been suspended. However,  the Writing Lab  continues operating  remotely. Students can contact professor Torres via their FNU email at:

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Due to covid-19 The service will be remote please contact Prof. Ileana Torres

Contact the Writing Lab Director:

Prof. Ileana Torres
QEP/Write it Right!
Hialeah Campus
4425 W Jose Regueiro (20th) AVE
Hialeah, FL 33012 (Room 413)

Phone:(305) 821-3333