• CAC Pitcher of the Week

    Dakota Kulis Pitcher of the week
    [caption id="attachment_81632" align="alignnone" width="300"] Dakota Kulis Pitcher of the week[/caption] CAC Press Release: #FNU Softball secures pitcher of the Week! Congrats to Dakota Kulis. Florida National University Junior Dakota Kulis has earned the Continental Athletic Conference pitcher of the week award. 'Kulis, the Pitcher of the Week, went 2-0 with a 0.64 earned run average inside the pitching circle in two appearances during the week. She scattered five hits and... Read More
  • Using Social Media for Professional Networking

    We live in a world where social media is the epicenter for garnering attention. Small businesses grow their presence through Facebook, entrepreneurs expand their fan base through Instagram and TikTok, and employers search for the best candidates through LinkedIn and Twitter. Therefore, you want to make sure your online presence is professional. Whether that means deleting all of the old photos from college parties or creating a new profile entirely,... Read More
  • Why Do I Need a Cover Letter?

    job interview
      With all the information included within your resume or professional portfolio, it may seem redundant to include a cover letter for the job submission. But a cover letter serves a very important purpose, and without it, your job search may end up with you lost in the stack of resumes that never get looked at. What is a Cover Letter? A cover letter is your introduction to prospective employers.... Read More
  • Careers for Health Services Administration Majors

    hospital employees in hall
    Interested in becoming a health services administration major but not sure of the career opportunities? Health services administration degrees have a variety of applications. Below are just a few career options for majors to choose from. Job Opportunities for Health Services Administration Majors Healthcare Marketing Manager Healthcare marketing shares important health news. Healthcare marketers must research the information they post to make sure the information shared is accurate. They must... Read More
  • Six Degrees in the Health Field to Start a Better Career in Miami

    Competitive Careers in Miami Have you been researching careers in Miami and thinking about starting a new job in the healthcare industry? When it comes to programs that will allow you to rank higher in competitive career salaries in Miami, consider one of the highly sought-after healthcare career pathways offered by Florida National University. We have three conveniently located campuses for students who are looking to start or change careers... Read More
  • University Choices for International Students in South Florida

    There are many universities in the United States (U.S.) from which international students to choose. How can you tell if a university is good choice for you? Even though you might be familiar with the culture and environment in the U.S., it may still be challenging to pick an American university without help. Maybe you cannot physically visit different institutions to compare campuses and program offerings. You may also be... Read More
  • Graduate Certificate Programs You Can Take in South Florida

    A master's degree program does not have to be a daunting time-consuming project that might require you to quit your job to focus on your studies. If you are interested in getting back to school but are concerned about the time commitment, Florida National University has created a micro-masters program that allows grad students to work on a specific professional area while still holding down a full-time job. Our Graduate... Read More
  • Paralegal Opportunities

    Law is a broad area of study and practice. Law firms tend to specialize in specific areas of law, such as immigration, family, real estate, criminal defense, probate, and civil. Institutions, like FNU, that offer paralegal programs encourage their students to take electives in various areas of law. This will not only allow students to identify a discipline that they are interested in but ensures their preparedness to work in... Read More
  • Three, Two, One! Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year
    It has been another tough year and our top stories reflect the world grappling head-on with many challenges, but we also saw moments of kindness and happiness providing some much needed stress relief. We have learned so much this past year. We must continue our resilience and hope of a new “normal” as we begin 2022. The library expanded in various directions, from providing traditional services to virtual offerings and... Read More
  • Conquistadors Ranked #20 in the nation

    FNU Men's soccer team, secures top 20 ranking
    Miami, Fl - Congratulations to the #FNU Men's soccer team as they concluded the season on a high note. The Conquistadors clinched postseason play and for the first time in school, history qualified for the NAIA National opening rounds. Although they weren't done just yet, the men's soccer team secured a top 20 finish a first for FNU school history. Congratulations Conquistadors! For more information click here. [caption id="attachment_80815" align="alignnone"... Read More