How FNU’s Student Services Can Help You Get Ahead

students in workplaceSince its inception, Florida National University (FNU) has striven to provide a positive learning environment in which students can take advantage of every opportunity available to them on the way to reaching their educational, personal, and professional goals. To that end, FNU has made a commitment not just in the classroom, but also outside of classroom instruction – to be present for students and serve as a valuable resource for the community of lifelong learners who benefit from the FNU experience. The Office of Student Services coordinates numerous activities, groups, resources and services to benefit students in a wide range of ways.

A Resource to Help Students Achieve Their Goals

FNU’s Office of Student Services provides a variety of services to the student body. On one hand, it is the division of the institution that serves as a mediator between the Student Body and the University. On the other, it is the entity that coordinates the various activities offered to the students that contribute to their extracurricular advancement – such as cultural, social, moral, intellectual, and physical development.The particular services performed by the Office of Student Services are diverse. These include both campus-based services and a broader range of services that address community, personal, or other issues. The campus-based services include aspects of campus engagement, clubs and organizations, campus security and logistics, exam preparation sessions, campus activities and events. In addition, the extracurricular or off-campus services include professional advice and assistance finding internships, career counseling and assistance finding social services that the student may need outside of what Student Services can provide.On the whole, the office and its staff exist to serve the student by creating and maintaining a sustainable environment for student learning and success.

Prioritizing Safety and Information as Keys to a Positive Learning Environment

Another major task of Student Services is to ensure that all students receive the information they need to stay safe, informed, comfortable, and able to achieve. Student Services has put together a comprehensive Safety Manual to help inform students of appropriate measures and protocols to stay safe on campus at all times and in all situations. The office also provides all students with the Student Handbook, which is full of useful information covering many different aspects of the student experience.

Coordinating Academic Achievement Throughout and After Class Time

The Student Services office functions to keep students in the loop of what is happening throughout the university. Be sure to connect to FNU through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Google+, and the academic advising blogs to stay up to date on what’s new at FNU.The office also coordinates exam preparation sessions for students sitting for various exams such as the Kaplan or TEAS exams – these include science, math, or English/reading. These services are open to all currently enrolled FNU students. In addition, the office organizes tutoring sessions in various subjects such as ESL, English, the humanities, philosophy, math, physics, anatomy, physiology, and medical technology. These sessions are a great way for currently enrolled FNU students to get on track if they have experienced difficulties keeping up, or to get a head start on new subjects of study.

Going the Extra Mile to Help Students Reach Their Potential

FNU Student Services believes that its commitment to its students does not end with final exams. For this reason, we offer several services to assist students with their lives outside the classroom and going forward in their careers. One such resource is providing information on the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) — ensuring that students understand their privacy rights in regards to their educational information. Moreover, because some students may need access to important social services that are not directly offered by the university, student services also maintains an active list of and can recommend community resources that students may use to identify and meet their individual needs. Student services also works closely with the student body to identify and create motivational and inspirational activities that will enrich the educational experience outside the classroom. Because FNU is committed to helping its students become community leaders, Student Services offers hands-on leadership training from experts. This can be a great way to complement your in-class learning experience and get a leg up on the competition in the job market – leadership skills will be beneficial in any field you choose to pursue. The Student Clubs and Organizations are coordinated by the Student Services office in order to help students get engaged in their community and school through various pursuits or common interests.

During and After Graduation: The FNU Commitment Continues

Student Services is here to assist you in your transition from student life to professional life. That’s why the office provides in-person and online resources including job interview tips, help with networking, job fairs, employability skills workshops, and personalized career advice. From the beginning of the application and admissions process to the day you walk across the stage in a cap and gown ceremony, FNU is here to serve you. At any time, you can consult our Online Guide to Internships, Co-Op Programs, Student Jobs and More, which is an invaluable online resource for students looking for summer and year-round internships to jumpstart their careers. After graduation, Student Services office also coordinates the FNU Alumni Association, which is an organization that supports and honors graduates of FNU after they complete their education and allows them to keep a connection with their alma mater as they progress in life and career.

Ongoing Commitment to Student Success

FNU knows that a college education is not complete just through getting good grades. As such, Student Services consistently offers a number of significant resources to students to help them develop as individuals and professionals. According to Edwin Perez, both a student and formerly a Student Services staff member who now works in the Registrar’s Office at FNU: “Now I am working as a staff member at FNU and I can tell you that since I have been involved with FNU for more than four years now, it is a university with limitless opportunities.” We urge you to fully take advantage of these opportunities to create your own limitless future!