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    10 Reasons Why You Should Form a Study Group

    As of August 2019, the degree completion and graduation rates among American college students continue to hover around 40 percent, but the Annenberg Institute at Brown University has some good news in this regard: quite a few private and public institutions that have been around less than five decades are seeing higher completion rates. While … Continued

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    10 Academic Resolutions for the New School Year

    As the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve, people across the globe make promises to themselves—promises to better themselves physically and mentally, to bring order to their lives, and to treat those around them with more courtesy and respect. Beginning a new school year should not be any different; Instead, learn more, become better … Continued

  • 6 Skills Employers Look for When Hiring College Grads

    6 Skills Employers Look for When Hiring College Grads

    At Florida National University (FNU), we prepare students for success inside and outside of the classroom—even after they’ve graduated! Our university invests in students like they have invested in us to help them to become the best professionals they can be. While we certainly have the tools to prepare students for success, there will be … Continued

  • Leading Computer Information Technology Program in Florida

    If you are considering a career in the field of computer information technology (IT), investing in a leading academic program can open up new doors and exciting career opportunities. The field of information systems and information technology is flourishing. This industry is expected to continue well into the future thanks to the technological revolution still … Continued

  • 11 Final Exam Studying Techniques for College Students

    11 Final Exam Studying Techniques for College Students

    Organize your notes by creating a personalized study guide Even with the help of laptops and tablets, unless you’re a professional court stenographer, it’s always a challenge to capture everything the professor is lecturing about. A frantic dash of attempting to do so could result in pages full of unrecognizable writing. Trying to make sense … Continued

  • FNU Student Finds Success Amidst Adversity

    FNU Student Finds Success Amidst Adversity

    For current FNU student Rosa Alina Chirino, the decision to migrate to this country was charged by aspirations of creating a greater future, regardless of the inevitable adversity. Rosa Alina came from Cuba in February of 2016 with limited resources but an abundance of hope. After seeing an ad for FNU on TV, she called … Continued

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    What You Might Now Know About Independence Day

    If enough time passes by, observance days end up becoming traditions that oftentimes lose their meaning and the origin of why they came to be in the first place becomes unknown—especially if it’s a celebratory holiday. Independence Day, or the 4th of July might be considered one of these holidays. The 4th of July is … Continued

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    How the GI Bill Helps Veterans Receive the Education They Deserve

    According to The White House Office of the Press Secretary, the veteran unemployment rate has currently dropped to 3.9%. This is considered to be at a 7-year low. They further reported that the unemployment rate for Post – 9/11 veterans dropped 4.6% from 2011.  The Administration recognizes this and has made strides in ensuring that … Continued

  • Managing a College Career in South Florida Before and After Exams

    Managing a College Career in South Florida Before and After Exams

    College life: No one said it would be easy. In fact, it can get downright stressful. During exam time, which could be almost every week for full-time students, stress levels can be at an all-time high. While it is normal to have some stress during your college career (and life in general), it is common … Continued

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    Ways an Accounting Degree Is Great For Your Future

    Ways an Accounting Degree Is Great For Your Future  Choosing to pursue a college degree is an important life decision. Deciding which major to study is even more important. When selecting a major, you are committing two or more years of your life to a single subject. It is not only an academic commitment, but … Continued