Leading Dental Laboratory Degree Program in Florida

Leading Dental Laboratory Degree Program in Florida | FNU

Many aspiring college students may still be deciding what kind of degree program to enroll in. Becoming a doctor or surgeon seems to be an iconic

and prestigious profession to pursue. However, such professions might not be everyone’s career choice. Yet, there still might be a passion to pursue a career that’s geared toward helping people in the healthcare sector.

While some may want to work in the healthcare industry, not everyone may want to invest the time and money it typically takes to earn the education of a doctor, surgeon, and even a nurse.

Knowing Your Academic Options for Healthcare Degrees

There are options when it comes to choosing a career in the healthcare industry and many of those professions don’t require a 4-year degree. What many aspiring students may oftentimes overlook is that general practitioners are just a fraction of what makes the professional healthcare community work!

It takes a team of healthcare professionals to see to the well being of a patient. Everything from general healthcare to dental health all plays a crucial role in good health. That is why Florida National University (FNU), a regionally accredited university located in the South Florida area, offers an Associate of Science in Dental Laboratory Technology program, a degree that can be earned in two years.

About FNU’S Dental Laboratory Technology Program

The Dental Laboratory Technology program offered at FNU is a 60-credit curriculum that focuses on offering students the technical training and theory regarding the subject matter of full and partial dentures, and crown and bridge and porcelain.

Job Expectancy of the Dental Laboratory Technologist

Leading Dental Laboratory Degree Program in Florida | FNU

The dental profession is steadily growing. According to the United States Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, the dental and ophthalmic technician jobs are expected to increase by 13% by the year 2026. Aging, accidents, poor health, and just for pure cosmetic reasons all have caused this profession to be in high demand.

There is a balance to this viewpoint. The awareness of good oral health is helping people retain their teeth longer. Therefore, the need for full and partial dentures and other prosthetics somewhat keeps this percentage from growing. On the other hand, the aging baby boom population and some veterans will most likely be in need of such services. At any rate, it’s still a positive outlook for the aspiring dental technologist.

What Exactly Does a Dental Technologist Do?

Dental Technologist is skilled in crafting digital impressions and molds of a patient’s dental imprint to replicate their original adult teeth. While this profession is in the healthcare industry, Dental Technologists don’t have much contact with the patient. Most of their work is conducted in the lab. They work with small tools and different types of material like wax, ceramic, plastic, porcelain and more.

The ophthalmic profession is an intricate one. While it is required to work in tight areas like the mouth, the role of a Dental Technician offers a bit more wiggle room. He or she has the flexibility to work in a lab away from the patient, giving him or her ample space to create the dental crowns and/or bridges as necessary.

Leading Dental Laboratory Degree Program in Florida | FNU

Being Proficient in Technology is Key

With today’s technological advances, the Dental Technician must also be comfortable working with computers. For some patients, much of the preliminary work is done through the computers to determine the precise measurements of the 3-dimensional dental replacements.

When it comes to working in the healthcare industry, one must not only be prepared to treat and care for patients, they also must be up-to-date with the latest technological advances. Technology has become an important part of the healthcare industry. It contributes to the advancement and maintenance of hospital recordkeeping and procedures.

Learning the skill of a Dental Technician is only the beginning. That’s why you need to find a regionally accredited university that will provide you with a well-rounded college education.

Associate of Science in Dental Laboratory Technology

National University (FNU) recommends that you take a serious look at the Associate of Science in Dental Laboratory Technology program that our university offers. This comprehensive 60-credit hour degree program can be completed in two years.

Through this degree program, you will learn the technical requirements of a Dental Technician in the areas of Full and Partial Dentures and Crown & Bridges and Porcelain. To balance this skill, you’ll also graduate with a general understanding of social science, humanities along with the basic communication skills needed to succeed in the workforce. To supplement, you’ll take college courses in Communications, math, and your choice of any behavioral and social science.

NOTE: This degree program is not designed to transfer to a senior institution. If you’re interested in doing this, our academic advisors can recommend one of our bachelor degree programs for you to enroll in.

Benefits of Taking a Dental Laboratory Technology Program in Florida

FNU has two campus locations in the South Florida area, one in Miami and Hialeah. Because Spanish is the second-most spoken language in the South Florida area, our dental classes are offered simultaneously in both English and Spanish. This is a huge benefit for our international students who might be able to learn a little better while having the advantage of applying their bilingual skills to the workforce when working with patients to get the mold of their dental print.

Financial Aid Assistance

FNU’s Financial Aid Department can assist you in finding out what kind of financial assistance you might qualify for to help you pay for your college education. We’ll also help you complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). With this application, you could be eligible for federal loans and Pell Grants. We also have a list of scholarships that you could be eligible for!

Don’t waste another minute looking for a dental degree program. You can start taking classes at Florida National University right away. Contact one of our advisors today to get the application process started now!